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Defining mathematics education : presidential yearbook selections 1926-2012 : seventy-fifth yearbook

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Yearbook National Council of Teachers of Mathematics ; 75th, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Reston, VA, p.410 (2013)

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Cubb 371.35 .N277 V.75



Educational change--United States, Mathematics teachers--United States--Attitudes, Mathematics--Study and teaching--United States


Contents: First yearbook (1926). On the foundations of mathematics / Eliakim Hastings Moore ; A general survey of the progress of mathematics in our high schools in the last twenty-five years / David Eugene Smith -- Thirteenth yearbook (1938). The general nature of the problem ; A description of procedures / Harold P. Fawcett -- Twenty-first yearbook (1953). Theories of learning related to the field of mathematics / Howard F. Fehr -- Thirty-first yearbook (1969). The history of mathematics as a teaching tool / Phillip S. Jones -- Thirty-second yearbook (1970). The goals of history : issues and forces / Phillip S. Jones and Arthur F. Coxford Jr. -- Thirty-third yearbook (1970). Concepts / Kenneth B. Henderson -- Thirty-fifth yearbook (1972). Adjustment of instruction (elementary school) / Charlotte Junge -- Thirty-eighth yearbook (1976). Estimation as part of learning to measure / George W. Bright -- Forty-second yearbook (1980). Posing problems properly / Thomas Butts -- Forty-fifth yearbook (1983). Problem solving as a focus : how? when? whose responsibility / Peggy A. House, Martha L. Wallace, and Mary A. Johnson -- Forty-ninth yearbook (1987). Geometry for calculus readiness / Richard H. Balomenos, Joan Ferrini-Mundy, and Thomas Dick -- Fiftieth yearbook (1988). Conceptions of school algebra and uses of variables / Zalman Usiskin -- Fifty-ninth yearbook (1997). Students' voices : African Americans and mathematics / Erica N. Walker and Leah P. McCoy -- Sixtieth yearbook (1998). What is an algorithm? What is an answer? / Stephen B. Maurer ; Teaching mental algorithms constructively / Alistair McIntosh -- Sixty-first yearbook (1999). Twenty questions about mathematical reasoning / Lynn Arthur Steen -- Sixty-fourth yearbook (2002). Using manipulative models to build number sense for addition of fractions / Kathleen Cramer and Apryl Henry ; Examining dimensions of fraction operation sense / DeAnn Huinker -- Sixty-eighth yearbook (2006). Some important comparisons between statistics and mathematics, and why teachers should care / Allan Rossman, Beth Chance, and Elsa Medina -- Sixty-ninth yearbook (2007). Examining school mathematics through the lenses of learning and equity / Celia Rousseau Anderson.; Summary: This volume features nineteen chapters from previous yearbooks that discuss the critical issues, challenges, and innovations that mathematics educators have faced over the past eight decades. It also lists (p. 5-7) all seventy-five previous NCTM yearbooks including issue number, year of publication, title, and editor.

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