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Handbook of implementation science for psychology in education

Implementation Science

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Cambridge University Press, Cambridge (2012)

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Cubb LB1051 .H2355 2012



Educational psychology, School psychology


505: Lise Fox; 15. Implementation of a family-centered, school-based intervention to prevent student academic and behavioural problems / Elizabeth A. Stormshak, Kathryn Margolis, Cindy Huang and Thomas Dishion; 16. Evidence-based reading interventions: implementation issues for the twenty-first century / Robert Savage; 17. Summary of research and implications for practice on reading interventions for young English language learners with reading difficulties / Colleen Reutebuch and Sharon Vaughn; 18. Implementing evidence-based leisure education programmes during school / Linda Caldwell; Part V. Improving the Implementation of Evidence-Based Programmes and Interventions via Staff Skills, Organisational Approaches and Policy Development: 19. Key classroom features of promoting collaborative dialogue in the classroom / Robyn M. Gilles; 20. Practical applications of a 'fidelity of implementation' framework / Mollie Rudnick, Cassie Freeman and Jeanne Century; 21. Increasing student voice in school reforms: building partnerships, improving outcomes / Dana Mitra; 22. Coaching for instructional improvement and strategies that matter / Barbara Neufield and Morgaen Donaldson; 23. The use of evidence-based programs and quality childcare / Ann Michelle Daniels; 24. Action research: reshaping practice through assessment and critical reflection / Violet Harader and Joyce Yukawa; 25. Measuring child well being in schools: how robust outcome data may inform the selection, design and implementation of evidence-based programmes / Tim Hobbs and Tamsin Ford; 26. The common language service development model: from strategy development to implementation of evidence-based practice / Nick Axford and Louise Morpeth; Part VI. Signposts towards Effectiveness: 27. Key themes in implementation science for psychology in education / Barbara Kelly.; Summary: "Implementation science is the science of the effectiveness of research for real-world practitioners. This book is an indispensable, highly innovative and evidence-based resource aimed at utilizing research in psychology to improve all aspects of education, from individual teaching programs to organizational development. It addresses the widespread confusion and disappointment about the lack of effectiveness of real-world psychology and provides twenty-seven chapters offering proven policies, strategies and approaches for designing, supporting and improving interventions in schools. Collectively, the chapters go beyond the realm of psychology and education, tackling concerns about how to promote positive change in any context, covering topics from epistemology through statistics to examples of implementation approaches, frameworks and protocols. This book creates an immensely relevant body of information and evidence for any practitioner or organization facing the challenges of change. Essential reading for practitioners, policy makers, stakeholders and funders in psychology, education and beyond"-- Provided by publisher.; Summary: "This book aims to help policy makers, stakeholders, practitioners and teachers in psychology and education to provide more effective interventions in educational contexts. It responds to disappointment and global concern about the failure to implement psychological and other interventions successfully in real world contexts. Often interventions, carefully designed and trialed under controlled conditions, prove unpredictable or ineffective in uncontrolled, real life situations. This book looks at why this is the case and pulls together evidence from a range of sources to create original frameworks and guidelines for effective implementation of interventions"-- Provided by publisher.

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