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Physiological measures of emotion from a developmental perspective : state of the science

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Monographs of the Society for Research in Child Development ; v. 77, no. 2, Wiley/Blackwell, Boston, p.204 (2012)

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Cubb LB1103 .S6 V.77:NO.2



Child development, Emotions in children--Physiological aspects, Psychophysiology


Contents: Introduction to the monograph: physiological measures of emotion from a developmental perspective: state of the science / Tracy A. Dennis, Kristin A. Buss, and Paul D. Hastings-- Introduction to section one: Integrative approaches to the study of physiology and emotion / Paul D. Hastings, Kristin A. Buss, and Tracy A. Dennis -- EEG/ERP measures of emotion-cognition integration during development / Martha Ann Bell and Anjolii Diaz -- Emotion-cortisol transactions occur over multiple time scales in development: implications for research on emotion and the development of emotional disorders / Emma K. Adam -- New directions in the study of individual differences in temperament: a brain-body approach to understanding fearful and fearless children / Vladimir Miskovic and Louis A. Schmidt -- Introduction to section two: Socialization and environmental factors in the physiology of emotion / Paul D. Hastings, Kristin A. Buss, and Tracy A. Dennis -- Parent-infant synchrony: a biobehavioral model of mutual influences in the formation of affiliative bonds / Ruth Feldman -- Domestic violence and emotion socialization / Lynn Fainsilber Katz and Tami Rigterink -- The importance of biological methods in linking social experience with social and emotional development / Nicole M. Stang, Jamie L. Hanson, and Seth D. Pollak -- Introduction to section three: physiology and affective psychopathology / Kristin A. Buss, Paul D. Hastings, and Tracy A. Dennis -- Physiological measures of emotion dysregulation: investigating the development of affective disorders / Ronald E. Dahl, Jennifer S. Silk, and Greg J. Siegle -- Physiological markers of emotion and behavior dysregulation in externalizing psychopathology / Theodore P. Beauchaine -- Neuroendocrine regulation and emotional adaptation in the context of child maltreatment / Dante Cicchetti and Fred A. Rogosch -- Introduction to section four: overarching issues and methodological considerations: what can physiological measures reveal about emotion? / Tracy A. Dennis, Paul D. Hastings, and Kristin A. Buss -- Measuring the physiology of emotion and emotion regulation: timing is everything / Nathan A. Fox, Michael Kirwan, and Bethany Reeb-Sutherland -- The hypothalmic-pituitary-adrenocortical system and emotion: current wisdom and future directions / Megan R. Gunnar and Emma K. Adam -- Developmental psychophysiology of emotion processes / Jelena Obradović and W. Thomas Boyce -- Aspects of psychophysiological data analysis: EEG coherency and fMRI connectivity mapping / Peter C.M. Molenaar and Kathleen M. Gates.

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