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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where have all the dissertations gone?

Online! Most Stanford dissertations are online from 1989 on. To search for the one you want go to Dissertations & Theses at Stanford. If you are Stanford-affiliated you can download a copy for your use. Most of the paper copies that were shelved in Cubberley have been moved to SAL3 for better preservation conditions. You can request these through SearchWorks, our online catalog. It takes a day or two to get them back.

How do I find journals and databases on my topic?

We have tried to give a good overview of relevant books, journals, databases, and websites on our Research Topics pages. You can also find resources listed by program and concentration on the GSE Program pages.

Does the research topic page show me everything Cubberley has on that topic?

The research topic pages show just a small selection of resources in a given subject area. To find everything on a topic, you'll need to search SearchWorks and databases.

My area of research interest isn't listed on your research topics page. What now?

We would love for you to suggest a new topic.

What is AFS?

This is space on the Stanford servers reserved for members of the Stanford community, a handy place to store files, images and much more. You can access your AFS space on the web at To learn more visit

Why isn't everything in Cubberley Library on the Cubberley website?

Cubberley Library has some 97,000 volumes. SearchWorks does a much better job of tracking and indexing library collections than we could hope to.

What am I actually searching when I use the search function?

You're searching everything within the domain. We've tried to organize things to make the important resources easier to find, and highlight different parts of our collection, such as new items and curriculum.

Who are all those paintings of on the walls?

Former Deans of the School of Education, including the first dean Ellwood P. Cubberley for whom the library is named. The woman beside him is his wife, and the woman in North Reading Room is Emma Marwadel, a pioneer in the kindergarten movement who taught early Stanford education students.

I'm having trouble accessing something on the site. Where do I report problems?

Submit any and all problem reports to the site administrator.

If you are using a screen reader or other assistive technology, please include as much detail as possible about the software and hardware you are using, and what particular portions of the site you are having problems with. We have made a concerted effort to provide maximum accessibility, and will respond promptly to requests.

What is RSS?

You may have seen this icon () at the bottom of some of our new book pages. That icon provides a link for the page's RSS feed. RSS is a way for you to be updated when a web page changes. Software Garden has a good overview of RSS here.