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Mathematics curriculum : issues, trends, and future directions

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Yearbook National Council of Teachers of Mathematics ; 72nd, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Reston, VA, p.362 (2010)

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Cubb 371.35 .N277 V.72



Mathematics--Study and teaching--Curricula--United States


Contents: I. Curriculum matters: looking back, looking forward -- 1. The current state of the school mathematics curriculum / Zalman Usiskin -- 2. Technology and the mathematics curriculum / James T. Fey, Richard M. Hollenbeck, Jonathan A. Wray -- 3. National standards: lessons from the past, directions for the future / Margaret E. Goertz -- 4. Recommendations for statistics and probability in school mathematics over the past century / Dustin Jones, James E. Tarr -- 5. Reflections on five decades of curriculum controversies / Stephen Willoughby -- II. The intended curriculum -- 6. What we teach is what students learn: evidence from national assessment / Peter Kloosterman, Crystal Walcott -- 7. Curriculum alignment in an era of standards and high-stakes testing / Shannon W. Dingman -- 8. Preschool mathematics curricula / Julie Sarama, Douglas H. Clements -- III. The written curriculum -- [Section A.] Curriculum development -- 9. Supporting focused and cohesive curricula through visual representations: an example from Japanese textbooks / Tad Watanabe, Akihiko Takahashi, Makoto Yoshida -- 10. Cross-national curriculum collaboration: examples based on realistic mathematics education / Margaret R. Meyer, Truus Dekker, Frank Eade -- 11. Three perspectives on the central objects of study for grades pre-K-8 statistics / Randall E. Groth -- 12. Designing curricula to expand and extend mathematical knowledge / Debra I. Johanning -- 13. Mathematics applied to curriculum development: lessons learned on the job / Al Cuoco ... [et al.] -- [Section B.] Selection of textbooks -- 14. How do districts choose mathematics textbooks? / June Mark ... [et al.] -- 15. Considerations in the review and adoption of mathematics textbooks / Rick A. Hudson, Paula Elmer Lahann, Jean S. Lee -- 16. Curriculum as a change agent: high schools that rise to the challenge and what they stand to gain / Kasi Allen-Fuller, Margaret Robinson, Eric Robinson -- IV. The implemented curriculum -- 17. Myths about curriculum implementation / Denisse R. Thompson, Sharon L. Senk -- 18. Technology and the teaching of mathematics / Richard M. Hollenbeck, Jonathan A. Wray, James T. Fey -- 19. Understanding teachers' strategies for supplementing textbooks / Corey Drake -- 20. Teachers' perspectives on fidelity of implementation to textbooks / Mary Ann Huntley, Kathryn Chval -- V. Impact of curriculum materials on students' and teachers' learning -- 21. Developing curricular reasoning for grades preK-12 mathematics instruction / M. Lynn Breyfogle, Amy Roth McDuffie, Kay A. Wohlhuter -- 22. Secondary school mathematics curriculum materials as tools for teachers' learning / Gwendolyn M. Lloyd, Vanessa R. Pitts Bannister -- 23. Conducting mathematics curriculum research: challenges and insights / Paul Kehle, Kelly K. McCormick -- 24. The influence of curriculum on students' learning / Mary Kay Stein, Margaret S. Smith. : Contents of accompanying CD-ROM: An emerging program of secondary school mathematics / Max Beberman (1958) -- The teaching of geometry in its relation to the present educational trend / William Betz (1908) -- Meaning and skill: maintaining the balance / William A. Brownell (1956) -- What should high school geometry be? / Charles Buck (1968) -- Goals for mathematics instruction / R. Crieghton Buck (1965) -- Functions / R. Creighton Buck (1970) -- The role of computation in the changing mathematics curriculum / Terry. G. Coburn (1989) -- Program for college preparatory mathematics / Commission on Mathematics (1959) -- "Mathematics in the primary school" ; "Mathematics in the secondary school" ; "Mathematics in the sixth form" / Committee of Inquiry into the Teaching of Mathematics in Schools (1982) -- New goals for mathematical sciences education / Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences (1984) -- . Mathematics for all: problems and implications / Peter Damerow and Ian Westbury (1985) -- The changing curriculum: mathematics / Robert B. Davis (1967) -- Algebraic systems / Richard A. Dean (1970) -- Basic skills in mathematics: a survey / Thomas Denmark and Henry Kepner, Jr. (1980) -- The psychological aspect of the school curriculum / John Dewey (1897) -- The child and the curriculum / John Dewey (1902) -- Goals for school mathematics: the report of the Cambridge Conference on School Mathematics / Educational Development Center (1963) -- The United States' NSF studies of mathematics education / James T. Fey (1980) -- How much of the content in mathematics textbooks is new? / James R. Flanders (1987) -- Do textbooks and tests define a national curriculum in elementary school mathematics? / Donald J. Freeman ... [et al.] (1983) -- Why teach mathematics so as to be useful? / Hans Freudenthal (1968) -- Mathematics starting and staying in reality / Hans Freudenthal (1987) -- Number sense as situated knowing in a conceptual domain / James Greeno (1991) -- Mathematics education: reactionary regression or responsible reform? / Johnny Hill, William Rouse, and James Wesson (1979) -- Recommendations for school mathematics programs of the 1980s / Shirley A. Hill (1980) -- Current trends in mathematics and future trends in mathematics education / Peter Hilton (1984) -- Arithmetic in the elementary school curriculum / Ernest Horn (1951) -- Origins of school mathematics in early nineteenth-century Germany / Hans N. Jahnke (1983) -- Elite knowledge for the masses: the origins and spread of mathematics and science education in national curricula / David H. Kamens and Aaron Benavot (1991) -- Number systems / John L. Kelley (1970) -- The ancients versus the moderns: a new battle of the books / Morris Kline (1958) -- The elementary school mathematics curriculum: issues for today / Mary M. Lindquist (1984) -- The foundations of mathematics / Eliakim H. Moore (1903) -- Geometry and measurement / H. Stewart Moredock (1970) -- Overview and analysis of school mathematics, K-12 / National Advisory Committee on Mathematical Education (1975) -- The reorganization of mathematics in secondary education / National Committee on Mathematical Requirements (1923) -- The place of mathematics in secondary education: report of the Joint Commission of the Mathematical Association of America and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics / National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (1940) -- An agenda for action: recommendations for school mathematics of the 1980s / National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (1980) -- excerpts from Curriculum and evaluation standards for school mathematics / National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (1989) -- The secondary mathematics curriculum / National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Secondary-School Curriculum Committee (1959) -- Mathematics / National Education Association (1894) -- The mathematical sciences curriculum K-12: what is still fundamental and what is not / Henry O. Pollak (1983) -- A curriculum out of balance: the case of elementary school mathematics / Andrew Porter (1989) -- The Nuffield mathematics project / David Rappaport (1971) -- General mathematics for the high school: its purpose and content / William D. Reeve (1920) -- Intention, implementation, realization: case studies of the impact of curriculum reform / David F. Robitaille (1980) -- A common curriculum for mathematics / Thomas. A. Romberg (1983) -- School mathematics: options for the 1990s: chairman's report of a conference / Thomas. A. Romberg (1984) -- Problematic features of the school mathematics curriculum / Thomas. A. Romberg (1992) -- Basic mathematical skills: some philosophical and practical remarks / Israel Scheffler (1975) -- A call for reform in high school mathematics / Carl N. Shuster (1948) -- What should be emphasized and what omitted in the high-school course in algebra? / Herbert E. Slaught (1908) -- A general survey of the progress of mathematics in our high schools in the last twenty-five years / David. E. Smith (1926) -- The growing crisis in mathematics education in the early twentieth century / George. M.A. Stanic (1986) -- Historical perspective on problem solving in the mathematics curriculum / George M.A. Stanic and Jeremy Kilpatrick (1988) -- Mathematics curriculum reform in the United States: a historical perspective / George M.A. Stanic and Jeremy Kilpatrick (1992) -- Mathematics curriculum design: a constructivist's perspective / Leslie. P. Steffe (1990) -- The constitution of arithmetical abilities / Edward L. Thorndike (1922) -- We need another revolution in school mathematics / Zalman Usiskin (1985) -- A synthesis of national reports on changes in curricula / Frederik van der Blij, Sven Hilding, and Ari I. Weinzweig (1980) -- The arithmetic curriculum / Roscoe L. West, Charles E. Greene, and William A. Brownell (1930) -- Change and stability in the curriculum: an overview of the questions / Ian Westbury (1980) -- Mathematization matters / David Wheeler (1982) -- Knowledge at the crossroads / David Wheeler (1993) -- Historical background of innovations in mathematics curricula / R.L. Wilder (1970) -- A progress report on the implementation of the recommendations of the commission on mathematics / S. Irene Williams (1970) -- A generative model of mathematics learning / Merl C. Wittrock (1974) -- The history and status of the school mathematics study group / William Wooton (1964).