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Our worlds in our words : exploring race, class, gender, and sexual orientation in multicultural classrooms

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Multicultural education series New York, N.Y., Teachers College Press, New York, p.149 (2010)

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Cubb LC1099.3 .D545 2010



Minorities--Education--United States, Multicultural education--United States, Race relations--Study and teaching--United States, Sexual minority students--Education--United States


Contents: Introduction: Honoring high standards: reading, writing, speaking, and listening in a multicultural classroom. Context -- Overview -- Of studies and communities, standards and possibilities -- Contemporary society, standards, and a passion for learning in a multicultural world. Introduction -- Coming together from a divided society: divided neighborhoods/divided lives -- Educating for meaning, educating for skills in a multicultural society -- Meaningful standards in a democratic society -- Conclusion -- Exploring race, culture, and gender through American literature and films: understanding self and others. Prelude -- Introduction -- Reading for real, reading America -- A journey across America -- Reading across cultures, examining the lives of men and women: a pedagogy of multiculturalism -- Conclusion -- Reading literature and films through the lens of class: breaking taboos, examining factors that influence class membership and mobility. Introduction: class in students' lives/class in art -- Schooling and class -- The power, bonds, and chasms of class though adolescent eyes -- Classed lives in American literature -- A curriculum and pedagogy of class: crossing the lines of class in a classroom -- Teaching about class: dismantling illusions, challenging the bonds of class -- Conclusion -- Gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender lives and issues, readings and films: countering invisibility, interrupting the cycle of homophobia. Prologue -- Introduction: an evolving society/a host of questions -- Gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender American literature: coded lives, classics, and best sellers -- Toward openness and clarity: writers, filmmakers, and a high school forum -- Supporting GLBT students-supporting all students-in the classroom -- Epilogue -- Conclusion: a place for growing into who we are -- Writing for self and others, writing for life: speaking to journals, making art, building arguments. Introduction: writing as a tool for observation, exploration, expression, and activism-the freedom to write/the support to succeed -- Writing for the self: speaking to journals -- Writing for others: making art, building arguments -- Writing for a multicultural audience -- A passion for writing in a diverse society -- Conclusion -- A multicultural classroom: a real and precious community. Introduction -- Building a multicultural community: developing habits of the heart and mind -- Implications of community building in an American classroom -- The larger context: looking back/looking forward -- Conclusion.

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