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Visitor Information



Visitors with an interest in education, especially area educators, are welcome to use the resources of Cubberley Education Library.

The Education Library is partially accessible to persons with limited mobility. An elevator on the first floor provides wheelchair access. Ask at the loan desk for help obtaining library materials.

Requesting Materials

Though much of our collection is readily available in open stacks, items in our catalog SearchWorks which give "Ask at Loan Desk" as the location need to be paged before 5:00 p.m. on weekdays. If you need them evenings or weekends, please send email to in advance of your visit. Another part of our collection is kept off campus at SAL3. Page these items using the links in Searchworks. Requests submitted before 12:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, will usually be available for pick up after 4:00 p.m. on the next business day.


If you wish to check out materials and are not part of one of the cooperative programs, you may purchase borrowing privileges in Green Library. For questions regarding access and borrowing privileges, consult with staff at 650 723-2121.

Location & Hours


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Cubberley Library is located on the second floor of the School of Education, at the corner of Escondido Mall and Lasuen Mall, by the Clock Tower.

Education Building
485 Lasuen Mall, Room 202-205
Stanford, CA 94305-3097
(650) 723-2121
Map of Stanford University showing location of School of Education Building

Cubberley Library: 2nd Floor Entrance
Cubberley Library: 2nd Floor Entrance
Cubberley Library: 2nd Floor Entrance
Cubberley Library: 2nd Floor Entrance

(Click on any image below for a larger version.)

SUSE from the SouthwestSchool of Education from the Southwest: looking from Old Union
SUSE from the North: looking up Lasuen Mall towards Tresidder UnionSchool of Education from the North: looking up Lasuen Mall towards Tresidder Union
School of Education Entrance: Cubberley Library is on the 2nd floorSchool of Education Entrance: Cubberley Library is on the 2nd floor


School of Education and nearby parking The closest visitor pay parking is in the Oval or behind the CERAS building. Look for the Green P icon that indicates public hourly parking icon on the map on the left for public hourly parking locations, or view the full Parking & Circulation Map (PDF).



Cubberley Library has two public-access terminals that give visitors access to our online catalog, as well as many online resources that are restricted to Stanford computers.


Visitors can obtain wireless internet access in Cubberley Library if they are sponsored by a Stanford affiliate. See the page on Wireless Guest Access for more information. Unfortunately, Cubberley Library staff cannot sponsor visitors for Wireless Guest Access.


Visitors can print from the public computers for $0.10 per page using a photocopy/print card, which can be purchased in Green and Meyer Libraries. Unfortunately, the printing system cannot accept cash. See the SUL page on printing for more information.


Cubberley Library has one photocopier. Copies are $0.15/page for cash and $0.13/page with a card. See SUL page on photocopying for more information.


Cubberley Library has one public-access flatbed scanner. There is no charge for scanning. Scanned files may be e-mailed, saved to a flash drive, or burned to a CD/DVD (visitors must provide their own blank disks).