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Audio Transcript

RefWorks is an online reference-management tool that (among other things) helps you organize your research, store citations, and create bibliographies.

In this tutorial, I will cover:
1) How to create a free account
2) How to find articles in ERIC and save the citations in RefWorks
3) How to find books in Socrates and save the citations in RefWorks
4) How to edit a saved citation within RefWorks
5) How to create a bibliography
6) How to insert a bibliography into Microsoft Word using Write-N-Cite

Stanford has a site license for RefWorks, so a RefWorks account is free for anyone with a SUNet ID.

Go to http://www.refworks.com/Refworks to sign in.

From here, we'll click the "Sign up for an Individual Account" to create a new account.

You need to be on campus to create a Stanford-affiliated account.

Fill out the form with your account details and click "Register".

Select the appropriate user type and select your focus area.

When you see the screen that says "Congratulations," that means that you have successfully set up your RefWorks account.