Audio Transcript

Finally, I'm going to show how to create a properly formatted and properly cited paper using the Write-N-Cite plugin. Write-N-Cite is a plugin that is provided by RefWorks. It is installed on all the Macintosh and Windows XP cluster machines in Meyer and the residences, as well as in Cubberley Library. You can download and install Write-N-Cite for your own computer from the RefWorks site, under the Tools menu, the Write-N-Cite option.

I already have Write-N-Cite installed on this computer, so I'm going to go ahead and show how it works.

Go ahead and launch Write-N-Cite and log in to your RefWorks account.

You see that Write-N-Cite pulls up all of your references in RefWorks.

Now, in Microsoft Word, I'm going to create a document, and I'm going to save this document. I'm just going to save to My Documents and call it "BestPaperEver.doc".

Now, to create a citation, I'm going to put the cursor right where I want the citation, I'm going to switch to Write-N-Cite, and I'm going to cite this book called Innovations in Teacher Education.

Now, when I go back to Microsoft Word, you'll see that it's inserted a little bit of gobbledygook. This isn't a properly formatted citation. Note that this is not the final formatting.

Go ahead and continue writing and citing.

I've skipped ahead here so that I have a couple of sentences and a couple of citations.

Now I'm going to save my document again. I'm going to switch back to Write-N-Cite.

In Write-N-Cite, I'm going to click Bibliography.

On the Bibliography page, I'm going to choose my output style. Again here I'm going to choose APA format.

I'm going to click Create Bibliography.

Now, what just happened?

You'll notice that Write-N-Cite created a paper called "Final-BestPaperEver.doc". My citations have been inserted correctly, and I have a properly formatted References section at the of the paper.

The most important part is to make sure that you make your edits in the original version of your document, and don't make edits in the Final version. Always use Write-N-Cite just to format that Final version. Save it, and you're done.