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EndNote Connection Troubleshooting

EndNote connections are tricky because they rely on a myriad of systems that don't always talk to each other very nicely.


First, are you having problems from on-campus or off-campus?

Note that you can only search Socrates from EndNote when you are connected to the Stanford network (either wired or wireless). To use EndNote to search Socrates from off-campus, you will have to install the Cisco VPN client. If you have problems with the VPN client, you can always ask us for help, or try these troubleshooting steps:



If you were using an older version of EndNote with the custom Socrates connection file, you should use the one that ships with EndNote X2. See our instructions for X1 on Mac OS X to configure your Socrates connection file.

Databases (short answer)

You can perform more powerful searches and will get better results if you search a given database from their web interface and then export the results to EndNote, rather than using EndNote to connect to the database (see long answer if you'd rather do the latter).

Databases (long answer)

Stanford purchases access to multiple databases from multiple vendors. Using ERIC as an example, we have access via OCLC, CSA Illumina, EBSCO, and US Department of Education. Each vendor provides varying levels of support for EndNote connections, and provides a unique user name/password combo (hence why your SUNet ID and password won't work). Complicating matters is that some vendors use the same user name/password to administer Stanford's account as they do to connect to the database(s) via EndNote.