The Institute for Immunity, Transplantation and Infection

Institute for Immunity Transplantation and Infection

The Institute for Immunity, Transplantation and Infection seeks to leverage decades of leadership at Stanford in these areas to achieve a new level of understanding and patient care. The ITI aims to cut across traditional boundaries to foster multidisciplinary teams of investigators to target major diseases covering every aspect from the most basic to the most clinical. In this way, teams of experts can pool their knowledge and strategize about the most promising new ways to detect, prevent and treat immune-mediated and infectious diseases and prevent organ rejection.

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The HEDCO Human Immune Monitoring Core

The Human Immune Monitoring Center (HIMC) is a new facility, lead by David Hirschberg, Director, jointly developed by the Institute of Immunology, Transplantation and Infectious Disease (ITI) and the Center of Clinical Immunology at Stanford (CCIS). The laboratory is operational and is charged with developing and implementing assays that will monitor the health of the human immune system and to make these assays available to the Stanford Medical Research Community and others, as resources permit.

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