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Hopkins Marine Station



General Information:

  • Recreational boating is not permitted from the Hopkins shoreline
  • Hopkins boats/boating equipment may not be used for recreation
  • Personal boats (other than kayaks) may not be used for HMS research or coursework, either at Hopkins or off-site.
  • Personal kayak use must be approved by Boating Safety Officer; non-HMS kayaks may not be stored at Hopkins.
  • Hopkins skippers (i.e. those taking boats out solo or as the person in charge of a crew) must go through the training and checkout process prior to using any Hopkins boat
  • Visiting investigators using their own boats from the Hopkins shoreline must have authorization from their home institution
  • Coast Guard regulations must be followed when using Hopkins boats


Boat Use and Checkout Procedures:

Three levels of boat training and qualification are available at Hopkins, depending on the needs of the researcher or student. A boat use request should be submitted, as well as a resume of boating experience. Part of the training involves the skipper candidate spending time as crew on the boat he/she wishes to be checked out on (or similar) with a qualified skipper; the amount of time required will depend on the candidate's boating experience under local conditions, and will be determined on an individual basis.

Boat and motor inventory
Fuel shed (information on use of outboard fuel)
Trailering boats (general information)

Level I:
Paddlecraft: Row boats / kayaks

Level II:
Outboard motors up to 20hp

Level III:
17' Boston Whaler


Hopkins Marine Station is a member of the Scientific Boating Safety Association (SBSA)

Forms and guidelines for scientific boating (SBSA web site)


Boating Safety and Education:

US Coast Guard Boating Safety (general safety information)

BoatU.S. Foundation (general safetyinformation)

ABCs of the California Boating law (quick reference, CA Dept. of Boating and Waterways site)


BoatU.S. Online Boating Safety course (free online boating course and test)

U.S. Power Squadron (find a course near you)

U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary (call or e-mail for boating safety course schedule)

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Diving Safety Officer/Hopkins Marine Life Refuge Manager:
Freya Sommer
Hopkins Marine Station, Pacific Grove CA 93950
(831) 655-6245

fax (831) 375-0793