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Stanford University


Hopkins Marine Station, Pacific Grove CA 93950


ALL diving for research or coursework associated with Stanford, through any Stanford department or program, must be conducted under Stanford's Scientific Diving Program, based at Hopkins Marine Station.

Entering the Diving Program:

New scientific divers and scientific diver candidates, please read this outline thoroughly, and allow plenty of time for completion of the requirements if you are planning to dive for Stanford research or coursework:
Introduction to Scientific Diving (contains links to program requirements and forms)

Scientific Diver Training Sessions: (Schedule, prerequisites, cost)

Divers entering Stanford with a current scientific diving certification from another AAUS organizational member may be granted reciprocity, and should arrange for verification of their status by their previous DSO.

See how to transfer from an AAUS scientific diving program


Information for Current Stanford Scientific Divers:

Requirements for maintaining active status in Stanford's diving program.
(with links to necessary forms)

All Stanford scientific divers seeking reciprocity to dive with other AAUS diving programs are required to hold current Divers Alert Network (DAN) dive accident insurance, (at least Master level). Submit proof of insurance to the DSO.


General Information:

Typical diving conditions in the Monterey area
Local Diving Emergency Procedures

Stanford's Diving Safety Manual (under revision 2012)
HMS shark procedures

Visiting diver procedures (important information for DSOs and scientific divers from other AAUS organizations wishing to dive at Hopkins for research or coursework)

Snorkeling in the Refuge


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DAN: Divers Alert Network
(Oxygen provider courses and equipment, diving insurance. Join DAN )


MFA: MedicFirstAid. Register for MyMEDICFirstAid (new Medic First Aid student resources site)

AHA: American Heart Association courses (first aid and CPR classes)
ARC: Monterey Chapter American Red Cross courses
(first aid and CPR classes)

NAUI: National Association of Scuba Instructors
PADI: Professional Association of Diving Instructors
SSI: Scuba Schools International

NWS Marine weather- Central CA (Central CA marine forecast)
NWS Marine Weather- Monterey Bay (Monterey Bay marine forecast)
NOAA/NCEP WAVEWATCH III (swell model; use NE Pac/animation)
Cabrillo Point Wave Buoy (CDIP)

Monterey Tides
Ocean Water Quality (Monterey County Health Department)
Scuba equipment recall notices (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission: search "scuba diving equipment")

Diving Safety Officer/Hopkins Marine Life Refuge Manager:
Freya Sommer
Hopkins Marine Station, Pacific Grove CA 93950
(831) 655-6245

fax (831) 375-0793