Row boats

Available boats:

12' Gregor (aluminum)
12' Livingston (fiberglass)

14' Gregor (aluminum)
14' Livingston (fiberglass)

HMS row boat rules:

  • Small boats should be rowed only in the nearshore areas around Hopkins and special care taken assessing wind and wave conditions especially beyond the protection of the kelp bed.
  • Tell someone you're going and when you expect to return (i.e. designate a shore contact)
  • Fill out the float plan in the fuel shed before leaving and complete it upon return.
  • Boats must have the following before leaving the beach:
    - Oars
    - Anchor
    - Life jackets with attached whistle, one per person
    - Plug(s) securely in the bottom
    - Dive flag, if diving
    - If diving, always take small oxygen kit which includes VHF radio
  • Check weather reports and watch the ocean before going out. Don't go out in strong winds and chop.
  • Use clamp-on navigation lights for boat use between dusk and dawn.
  • Do not exceed the weight or number of people listed on the capacity plates. Distribute weight of equipment and passengers evenly.
  • Launch small boats bow-first, lifting not dragging to water's edge.
  • Rinse life jackets, oars, and anchor with fresh water after use.
  • Rinse boats well inside and out with fresh water after use.

Rowing checkout:

Candidate will demonstrate procedures and skills to the boating safety officer's satisfaction.



Available boats:

17' fiberglass closed-deck yellow/white

17.5' plastic closed-deck red/white

  • Kayaks are to be used for research or education only, no recreational use.

  • Appropriate training and checkout procedures will be required for each type of boat and activity (i.e. closed-deck vs. sit-on-top; diving from sit-on-top).

  • Paddlers new to Hopkins’ boating safety program must submit a resume of boating experience to the boating safety officer

  • As with the other small boats at Hopkins, users must submit a boat use request prior to the start of their project, supplying details of the location and nature of the work to be done and emergency procedures in place. A float plan will be filed for each outing.

  • Personal kayaks use may be approved, but kayaks may not be stored at Hopkins. Personal kayaks should be marked as Hopkins research kayaks and the same rules and procedures must be followed as when using Hopkins kayaks.

  • Rules and procedures are listed in the SBSA Paddlecraft Guidelines.

  • Kayak use from Hopkins on weekends and holidays will be subject to case-by-case approval


Faculty/staff/graduate-student led group outings: Check with DSO first.

Rent from local kayak stores and have all participants complete Boating Waivers.