2020 pre-summer training session: Monday June 15-Friday June 19, 8:00am-5:00pm


  • Rescue Diver certification
  • Must be Stanford student, faculty or staff
  • Current CPR and First Aid certification
  • Current Stanford diving physical
  • Pass swimming evaluation
  • Proof of purchase or overhaul of BC and regulator + alternate air source within past 12 months
    If you plan to rent gear, let the DSO know; copy of rental agreement may be submitted on Day 1 of the session.
  • Completion of NOAA/AAUS online training modules covering a variety of diving subjects (10-20 hours depending on familiarity with the subject) -- to be assigned upon acceptance
  • DAN membership and diving insurance (submit pdf from your DAN account page)
  • A minimum of 15 logged dives (copy of dive logbook pages as proof), with at least one open water dive in cold water in the 3 months prior to the session


Theoretical and practical diver training to certify and authorize Stanford candidates to conduct underwater research to a depth of 30'. Topics include: Stanford Scientific Diving Program overview, dive planning and emergency management, diving first aid, diving physics and physiology, repetitive diving and dive computers, navigation, boat diving, and introduction to a variety of underwater research tools and techniques.

Stanford Scientific Diver certification achieved through completion of online training modules, quizzes, and satisfactory performance of practical skills, and completion of a minimum of 12 supervised dives with a total bottom time no less than 6 hours.

Authorization to 60' can be achieved post-session through dives with qualified & DSO-approved supervisors, to be arranged individually according to need.

This is an intensive training session which is very demanding in terms of time and energy. Participants should not dive for at least 48 hours prior to the start of the session, and should have adequate thermal protection to safely conduct two or three 40-minute or longer dives per day in cold water.

Required dive equipment:

Wetsuit or dry suit for cold water (~10C), with appropriate weighting.
BC and regulator + alternate air source (octopus or AirII)

Dive computer
Dive knife or shears
Underwater slate
2 carabiners
(make sure you can operate them with dive gloves on)
Emergency whistle attached to BC
Participants are to bring one full cylinder (at least 72cu ft); additional tanks will be provided for each diver for multi-dive days

A fee of $100 will be charged to help defray course expenses

Pre-Summer 2020 application


For more information, contact the Diving Safety Officer:

Freya Sommer
Hopkins Marine Station, Pacific Grove CA 93950
Mon-Thurs (831)655-6245

For more details about the Stanford University Scientific Diving Program visit the diving start page