It is the responsibility of the scientific diver to maintain active status by meeting requirements and filing paperwork in a timely fashion, whether or not reciprocity is needed. Divers who are withdrawn from active status for any reason may not dive under the auspices of Stanford University without checking with the DSO. If the only reason for a diver being in sustaining status is lack of sufficient diving activity, "proficiency" dives may be made with DSO authorization. Any other reason for lack of active status requires correction prior to any diving activity. Reciprocity letters will not be issued for divers who are not in active status. Please plan accordingly.

Maintaining active scientific diver status:

The WebDiver online logging and diver data system in place since January 2015 provides divers with a simple means of tracking their status, as well as the status of their potential dive teams. Divers must:

  • Submit a scientific diving plan for any Stanford scientific diving activity. A dive plan must be turned in to the DSO before requesting reciprocity to dive with another institution. Please use the WebDiver system for creating, submitting, and revising dive plans.

  • Make sure all paperwork is up-to-date before requesting reciprocity. Last-minute requests might not be accommodated.

  • Keep your First Aid, CPR, and Oxygen Provider training current as per the training agencies. DAN DFA Pro includes all of these and is good for 2 years, and is offered by the DSO at Hopkins 2-3 times per year as needed, 3 students minimum.

  • Scientific divers must log a minimum of 12 dives per year, with at least one dive in a six-month period. In addition, maintaining depth certifications beyond 60’ requires at least one dive in a six-month period to a depth near that certification level. Please see the DSO if you need to get more dives in; proficiency dives can usually be arranged. However, do not leave this until the last minute if you are requesting reciprocity.

  • Dive logs must be submitted at least monthly using the WebDiver system. PLEASE FOLLOW LOGGING INSTRUCTIONS TO THE LETTER! If you have any questions, please ask the DSO.

  • Renew diving physical every 5 years (if under 40 years old); every 3 years (40 and over).

  • Have your regulator (including alternate air sources) & BC overhauled (this means service kits to replace seats, springs, O-rings etc. for regulators, and functional testing with replacement of any worn or malfunctioning parts on BCs); and cylinders visually inspected at least annually and submit a copy of the receipts to the DSO.

  • All Stanford scientific divers seeking reciprocity to dive with another AAUS diving program or diving overseas are required to hold current Divers Alert Network (DAN) dive accident insurance. Submit proof of insurance to the DSO.

  • Report any diving injury or incident to the DSO as soon as possible, and submit an Injury/Incident Report within 72 hours of the event.


Stanford scientific diver status is terminated with the diver's departure from Stanford. The diver may request that copies of records be sent to another diving program for consideration by the new DSO.

For further information, please see the Stanford Diving Safety Manual and the AAUS Standards for Scientific Diving. When in doubt, check with the DSO.

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