Snorkeling in the HMLR:

· Get clearance/assessment/orientation from the DSO and complete a waiver before swimming or snorkeling from Hopkins shoreline.

· Snorkeling activity in the Refuge must be connected to coursework or study; purely recreational snorkeling should be done elsewhere.

· Always use buddy system… no solo snorkeling

· Use sign-out sheet by the dive locker door… make a note "snorkel"

· Check water quality updates on bulletin board

· Enter and exit only at Agassiz Beach or Boatworks Beach

· In case of emergency, shout and wave. Please do not shout and wave for any other reason

· Behave discretely. Remember that the Refuge is an outdoor laboratory, and that there are studies in progress throughout the intertidal. Please try to avoid disturbing or trampling study sites, markers, cages, marker floats, tags, etc.

· Rinse gear in blue tubs outside the dive lockers. Drip dry suits and equipment outside, then bring in at the end of the day. Please do not track sand and water into the lockers/showers.

Marine Mammals:

· Please do not approach the harbor seals and otters, especially if they are hauled out (typically at lower tides), or do anything that could be interpreted as "harassment". Seals will often follow divers… don't encourage them. Otters may also chase divers… try to move away, and keep your hands/fingers to yourselves.