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A select number of applicants whose careers have been in the public sector, including the military, public education, the arts, or related fields, may be eligible for a reduced fee.

Purpose Pathways

The purpose pathway is a key component of the Distinguished Careers Institute. Each Fellow undertakes a purpose pathway in one of the broad interdisciplinary areas listed below. The pathway includes course materials, research and experiential learning and opportunities to engage Stanford students through intergenerational opportunities.

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Please provide the name, email address and telephone number of one individual whom we can contact as a confidential reference for your application. If we contact this individual, we will only do so after speaking with you. Name

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The DCI is initiating a longitudinal research project on the life journeys of individuals in mid-life. This will involve responding to annual confidential written questionnaires.

Would you be interested in participating in this research regardless of the outcome of your application to become a DCI Fellow?