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Has Your Baseline Shifted? A Public-Service Announcement About Tidal Datums

Link to a poster presented at the Western Society of Naturlists meeting, Nov 8-11, 2003. We suggest you right-click-Save-As to download this Powerpoint file. If you don't have a right mouse button, we can't help you.

Fig. 1. The Underpant Worn by the Rat

Your opportunity to read about the underpant worn by the rat, and purchase stylish Fig. 1 wear.

Bulk Rate Cards

The Denny Lab presents a series of audio files in which we read short essays about the environment, science, the ocean, and anything else that strikes our fancy.

See Chris Harley get pummeled by the Finkler Sprinkler.

Available in Quicktime format (9.3 mb) or WMV format (1.4 mb). Recently added: New and improved Finkler Sprinkler videos: 1, 2, 3, 4

Random picture page

This should be fairly self-explanatory.