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What is the Carnegie PPP?

Educating Engineers, Designing for the Future of the Field

This project's aim was to look at how engineering as a work-field is changing and whether or not engineering education is aligned with these changes. To find the answer to this question, researchers went out in the field, talked with faculty and students and looked at how curriculum was structured and implemented. In this way, we were able to answer our main question: Do our education practices train students to move from the academic into the professional worlds? We found that engineering students aren’t as prepared for the interconnected, interdisciplinary world of engineering industry as they could be. In the classroom, laboratory skills and design are not emphasized as much as they should be. The notion of professionalism, competency, responsibility and integrity, are not integrated in the courses like they could be either.

Useful Links

The main Carnegie Foundation website:

A press-release on the study report:

A video of the report by Sheri Sheppard:

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