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‎In 2007 a partnership between UnternehmerTUM and DEL was formed. This partnership is based on the exchange of student and ideas, and leverages both groups’ interests in expanding the capabilities of engineers, to be both problem solvers and problem framers, recognizing that today’s innovators think beyond cultural and geographic boundaries.

The form of the partnership is:

Student Exchanges

Student exchanges to build better understanding of cultural impact/influences/ of engineering education and practice. TUM students who have been through the UnternehmerTUM’s program Manage&More spend 3-6 months working in DEL at Stanford on a DEL originated project and/or their TUM thesis.

Examples of recent student projects include:

  • Florian Lintl is currently writing a paper for the 2015 ASEE Annual Meeting in Seattle on “Entrepreneurial Interests and Characteristics of Engineering and Business Undergraduate Students Who are Interested in For-Profit and Non-Profit Organizations.” This paper uses a unique data set to explore how innovatively and entrepreneurially oriented US undergraduate students are.
  • Jan Behrenbeck wrote his thesis titled “The influence of the hands-on learning process of engineering students and its application at Stanford University and Technical University of Munich
  • Julian Weinmann wrote this thesis on US and German maker spaces supporting higher education in this thesis titled “Makerspaces in the University Community”
Stanford undergraduates who have studied at Stanford’s program in Berlin and are interested in the German start-up scene are placed in summer internships in UnternehmerTUM-originated start-ups, as part of the Krupp Internship Program.

Examples of internships in UnternehmerTUM-originated start-ups:

  • CoSinuss is a company specializing in inner-ear wearable technologies, that enable continuous and convenient monitoring of heart-rate, core body temperature and oxygen saturation.
  • Roding Automobile is a technology company and an elite manufacturer of the exclusive carbon lightweight sports car Roding Roadster, launched in 2008.
  • enbreeze is developing next generation small wind turbines that are able to produce clean and affordable energy even in low wind speeds.

Faculty and Staff Exchanges

Faculty and staff exchanges for conferences, class observations, research projects and informal discussions. For example, Sabrina Niederle (Executive Director Manage&More), and Dr. Helmut Schönenberger (Co-Founder and CEO) from UnternehmerTUM participated in the Epicenter Research Summit on August 4-5, 2014 at Stanford. In addition, Sabrina Niederle extended her visit over the summer 2014 working in DEL at Stanford. And Dr. Sheri Sheppard will attend at the European Entrepreneurship Colloquium (EEC), hosted by EFER and UnternehmerTUM, in Munich in July 2015.
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