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ME Summer Undergraduate Research Institute (SURI) - 2014

Autumn anna.jpg
The DEL SURI's had a productive (and fun!) summer.

Pictured to the left, Autumn Turpin (far left) and Anna Breed (near left):

Autumn and Anna were assisted by Helen Chen, Peggy Boylan-Ashraf, Qu Jin, Mark Schar and Sheri Sheppard.


Pictured to the far left are Peggy Boylan-Ashraf, Autumn Turpin, Qu Jin.

Pictured to the near left are Anna Breed and Peggy Boylan-Ashraf.

Epicenter Research Summit - August 4-5, 2014


The first Epicenter Research Summit was held on August 4 and 5, 2014, at Stanford University. This meeting convened top researchers in entrepreneurship, education, and engineering to present and discuss the latest work in the field.  More than 70 faculty, administrators, staff, graduate students and undergraduate students gathered for two days of sessions, activities and community building.

The sessions and discussions covered topics ranging from programs to curriculum to the role of students in research. The meeting was hosted by the National Center for Engineering Pathways to Innovation (Epicenter). Epicenter, funded by the National Science Foundation and directed by Stanford University and the National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance (NCIIA), empowers undergraduate engineering students to bring their ideas to life for the benefit of our economy and society.

To review the agenda, see a list of attendees or download the presentations and posters, click on this link.

DEL @ ASEE June 2014

The Designing Education Lab was well-represented at the June, 2014 American Society of Engineering Education annual conference where eight papers were presented. DEL Team Members received first and second place awards for best paper in the ASEE Entrepreneurship and Engineering Innovation Division, respectively, for “Supporting Change in Entrepreneurship Education: Creating a Faculty Development Program Grounded in Results from a Literature Review” and “Comparing Engineering and Business Undergraduate Students’ Entrepreneurial Interests and Characteristics.” Phil Weilerstein, Deputy Director of Epicenter and president of NCIIA, received the Journal of Engineering Entrepreneurship Pioneer Award. The papers presented included: *Comparing Engineering and Business Undergraduate Students’ Entrepreneurial Interests and Characteristics Dr. Qu Jin (Stanford University), Dr. Shannon Katherine Gilmartin (Stanford University), Dr. Sheri D. Sheppard (Stanford University), and Dr. Helen L. Chen (Stanford University) *Exploring Entrepreneurial Characteristics and Experiences of Engineering Alumni Miss Janna Rodriguez (Stanford University), Dr. Helen L. Chen (Stanford University), Dr. Sheri Sheppard (Stanford University), Dr. Qu Jin (Stanford University), and Ms. Samantha Ruth Brunhaver (Stanford University) *Utilizing Concept Maps to Improve Engineering Course Curriculum in Teaching Mechanics Ruben Pierre-Antoine (Stanford University), Dr. Sheri D. Sheppard (Stanford University), and Dr. Mark Schar (Stanford University) *Evaluation of Impact of Web-based Activities on Mechanics Achievement and Self-Efficacy Professor Sarah L. Billington (Stanford University), Dr. Sheri D. Sheppard (Stanford University), Professor Robert C Calfee (Graduate School of Education, Stanford University), and Dr. Peggy C. Boylan-Ashraf (Stanford University) *Predicting Entrepreneurial Intent among Entry-Level Engineering Students Dr. Mark F. Schar (Stanford University), Dr. Sarah L. Billington (Stanford University), and Dr. Sheri D. Sheppard (Stanford University) *Students' Perspectives on Homework and Problem Sets in STEM Courses Ms. Lea Marie Eaton (Stanford University), Dr. Sheri D. Sheppard (Stanford University), and Dr. Helen L. Chen (Stanford University) *Supporting Change in Entrepreneurship Education: Creating a Faculty Development Program Grounded in Results from a Literature Review Sarah Giersch (Broad-based Knowledge), Dr. Flora P. McMartin (Broad-based Knowledge, LLC), Elizabeth Nilsen (National Collegiate Inventors & Innovators Alliance (NCIIA)), Dr. Sheri Sheppard (Stanford University), and Mr. Phil Weilerstein (National Collegiate Inventors & Innovators Alliance (NCIIA)) *Does Teaching Matter? Factors that Influence High School Students’ Decisions on Whether to Pursue College STEM Majors Dr. Gary Lichtenstein (Quality Evaluation Designs), Dr. Martin L. Tombari (University of Texas, Austin), Dr. Sheri D. Sheppard (Stanford University), and Ms. Kaye Storm (Stanford University) To download copies of these papers, visit this link.

A Foundation for Understanding Gender Differences

DEL's very own Helena Scutt recently published a four-part series on understanding gender differences in STEM of the Stanford|Teaching Commons. This excellent resource is based on Helena's award-winning paper, Research-Informed Practices for Inclusive Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Classrooms: Strategies for Educators to Close the Gender Gap, presented at the ASEE 2013 annual conference. The four parts include: *A Foundation for Understanding Gender Differences *Four Skills to Emphasize for STEM Students *STEM Classroom Scaffolds *Seven Practices to Improve Retention of Women in STEM Congratulations to Helena! == NCIIA OPEN Conference - March 21-22, 2014 ==
NCIIA 3-14.jpg
DEL members attended the NCIIA 18th annual conference, which is held in partnership with Engineering Pathways or Epicenter at Stanford University. Key presentations by DEL researchers included: *Making Space for the Unknownd Future - Helen Chen and Robert Emery Smith *Founding Stories of Engineering Education Entrepreneurship Programs: Research to Inform Practice - Carolyn Estrada, Helen Chen, Angela Shartrand and Sheri Sheppard == Shannon's Baby Bibliography Shower - February 5, 2014 ==
Shannon Baby.jpg

Our beloved Shannon Gilmartin is having a baby! We celebrated with a baby shower featuring books for a new baby, presented with a bibliography for future reference. We wish Shannon and Jeff the best with their new arrival. UPDATE: Jeffrey Arthur Cain, born 11:06 pm on 3.20.14 at a robust 9 lbs 8 oz, and 21 inches. "Mom and baby are both healthy, and all three of us are over the moon happy!"
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