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Lab Meeting Time and Topics

Winter Quarter 2017

  • DEL Meetings on Wednesday, 9:00am - 10:45am (Pacific)
  • Building 550, Room 126
  • Blue Jeans meeting connection: To join via phone: 1) Dial:+1.408.740.7256 or +1.888.240.2560  2) Enter Conference ID: 109108064
  • NOTE: If you plan to join via Blue Jeans, please send an email to Helen or Mark or Beth before the start of the meeting so we can make sure we are set up to accommodate virtual participation.

Date Topic Date Topic
January 11 DEL website review; ASEE draft paper review planning; E14 Belonging Data with Mark February 15 Update on complexity and personas with Sarah
January 18 EMS interview study update with Matt & Tua
February 22 EMS interview study results & paper ideas with Matt & Tua
January 25 Motivated to address societal challenges / results for ASEE paper - Eric (9-10)
March 1 Meditation Study update/preliminary results with Beth
February 1
March 8
February 8 Update on cognitive task analysis in mechanical design with Michael Flynn
March 15 Update on complexity and personas with Sarah

ME Summer Undergraduate Research Institute (SURI) - 2016

SURI 2016.jpg

The DEL SURI's had a productive (and fun!) summer. Posters explaining their summer research work were presented on Friday, August 26, 2016 at the Huang Engineering Center. The research projects included:

Katie Reinders - Job Decision Factors: The Considerations of Recent Graduates Choosing Their First Jobs

Chloe Wiggins - How Have Engineering Students’ Clarity of Plans Changed Over Time?

Sophia Pink - What Makes an Inquisitive Engineer? Exploring question-asking self-efficacy and outcome expectations among engineering students

Amber Levine - Inspiring Engineers to Think About Their Education: An Exploration of the Impacts of Surveys on Participants

Katie, Chloe, Sophia and Amber were assisted by Beth Rieken, Helen Chen, Shannon Gilmartin, and Sheri Sheppard.

Goodbye, Mario - Kasierscharrn Feast

Mario Roser will be returning to Germany, finishing up a successful stay at Stanford. As part of the tradition, Mario treated the entire Lab to one of his hometown, special dishes ... and set a new high mark for culinary talents. We all sampled Kaiserschmarrn, a pancake-like mixture with raisins, topped with a bit of powdered sugar and a sprig of fresh mint. To complete the experience, we washed it down with a pomegranate San Pellegrino and he sent us on our way with a wrapped Giradelli chocolate.

We wish Mario the best as he returns to Germany and we know that we will be hearing from him again in the future!

Mario shared is Kaiserschmarnn recipe with the DEL community,  which he says came directly from Oma Roser.

Helena Scutt goes for Gold at Rio

Helena Gear.jpg
Helena Olympics.jpg

DEL's own Helena Scutt is a member of the U.S. Olympic Sailing team and will be competing in Rio this summer.  Helena will be competing with her racing partner, Paris Henken, on a new class of boat - the 49erFX - which is screaming fast, tough to sail and very fun to watch!  You can read about their adventures on their website and watch them compete on Friday, August 12.

Go Helena and Paris!

DEL @ ASEE June 2016

asee 2016 banner.jpg
The Designing Education Lab was well-represented at the June, 2016 American Society of Engineering Education annual conference in New Orleans, LA where eleven papers were presented by DEL team members. The papers presented included:

  • Infusing Innovation and Entrepreneurship into Engineering Education: Looking for Change as Seen by ASEE Members, 2012 to 2015 Peterfreund, A. R., Costache, E., Chen, H. L., Gilmartin, S. K., Sheppard, S. D. pdf
  • Improving Students’ Learning in Statics Skills: Using Homework and Exam Wrappers to Strengthen Self-regulated Learning Chew, K. J., Chen H. L., Rieken E. M., Turpin A., Sheppard S. D. pdf presentation
  • What Do You Want to Do with Your Life? Insights into how Engineering Students Think about their Future Career Plans Grau, M. M., Gilmartin, S. K., Rieken E. M., Sheppard S. D. pdf presentation
  • Helping Engineering Students Get Jobs: Views from Career Services Professionals Carrico, C., Harris A. R., Matusovich H. M., Brunhaver, S. R., Streveler R. A., Sheppard S. D. pdf
  • Connecting for Success: The Impact of Student-to-Other Closeness on Performance in Large-Scale Engineering Classes Schar M. F., Harris A. R., Witt R. J., Rice, R., Sheppard S. D. pdf presentation
  • Understanding Engineering Students’ Professional Pathways: A Longitudinal Mixed-Methods Study Brunhaver, S. R., Matusovich H. M., Streveler R. A., Sheppard S. D., Harris A. R. pdf
  • Business Program Participation and Engineering Innovation: An Exploration of Engineering Students’ Minors, Certificates,and Concentrations Cao E., Gilmartin, S. K., Jin Q., Dungs C. C., Sheppard S. D. pdf presentation
  • Don’t Make Me Automate! Students Find Themes of Trust and Discovery Examining Drivers’ Experiences with Existing Automation Karanian, B. A., Sibi S., Ikeler M. T., Hagestad L., Ju, W. G. pdf
  • Conversational Storytelling: Classroom Teaching through Story Parallels Entrepreneurial Need for Engagement Karanian, B. A., Eskandari M., Taajamaa V. pdf
  • From Freshman Engineering Students to Practicing Professionals: Changes in Beliefs about Important Skills over Time Winters K. E., Matusovich H. M., Brunhaver, S. R., Chen H. L., Yasuhara K., Sheppard S. D. pdf
  • Asking the Right Questions in Community College Pathways Research Parikh S. E., Silverman L. pdf

Stanford Mechanical Engineering Conference - May 6, 2016

The Stanford Mechanical Engineering Conference is an event for all undergraduates, graduate students, postdocs, alumni, and faculty engaged with the department of Mechanical Engineering. It offers opportunities to meet, connect, and learn about state-of-the-art engineering. The Designing Education Lab participated with five poster presentations.

Left: KJ Chew Top Middle: Liza Kayer, Angela Harris, KJ Chew 

Top Right: Autumn Turpin Bottom Center: Beth Rieken Bottom Right: Emily Cao

Intentional Engineers: Reflection and Mindfulness in Engineering Classrooms - April 7, 2016

The goal of Consortium to Promote Reflection in Engineering Education (CPREE) is to prepare U.S. engineering graduates for the contemporary challenges of the profession. CPREE recently held a workshop at Stanford University led by Beth RiekenKJ Chew, Helen Chen of DEL and Cindy Atman and Lauren Thomas of the University of Washington.

The purpose of the workshop was discuss how contemplative practices, such as reflection and mindfulness, can enrich analytic learning in engineering courses. The material covered simple techniques to introduce reflection and mindfulness into the classroom. The workshop was attended by 20 participants from Stanford and surrounding institutions and was generally considered a great success.

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