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Sophia headshot.jpeg

Contact Information

  • Center for Design Research
    Stanford University
    424 Panama Mall, Bldg. 560
    Stanford, CA 94305-2206


Sophia is a rising sophomore at Stanford University. She is excited to be a part of DEL because the lab combines two of Sophia’s deepest interests: education and engineering.

Sophia has always been eager to learn about and improve the education system. She decided not attend 10th grade in high school, and instead to combine online learning and several social science and film projects into her own sabbatical year, an experience she later wrote about for the Washington Post. 

Sophia also loves human-centered design and engineering. She used design thinking strategies to co-found the Stanford Voter Project, an initiative that harnesses dorm culture to improve student voter registration and turnout among college students. Other projects include a program that uses Google search data to predict stomach virus outbreaks, and a seat cushion that yells at people to stand up and move around.

One of Sophia’s favorite classes was Visual Thinking (ME 101), where she and her team built a pinball machine that generates random Kanye West tweets. Another favorite was Empathy (THINK 50), where she explored virtual reality’s role as an empathy generator and later conducted research with the Virtual Human Interaction Lab.


  • B.S., Engineering, Stanford University, 2019 (expected)
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