3/17 AIMBE induction ceremony, National Academies Building, Washington DC
1/17 2017 Harvey Prize Awarded for optogenetics: Deisseroth and Hegemann
10/16 iBiology short talk: optogenetics discovery
10/16 PNAS Q+A with Karl Deisseroth
8/16 2016 Massry Prize named | The three 2016 Massry Prize Laureates | Massry Prize citations | Stanford blog | Stanford medicine | Stanford anniversary news | Stanford engineering
5/16 Different brain cells process positive and negative experiences
11/15 Bioengineering at Stanford becomes an official undergraduate major
11/15 2016 Breakthrough Prize awarded | Stanford Medicine | Stanford press release | Stanford Engineering | HHMI
05/15 Dickson Prize in Medicine awarded
04/15 New Prize for Optogenetics Awarded | Press release | Associated Press | Times-Union | Stanford blog
03/15 Next generation of scientists at AAAS
2/15 2015 Lurie Prize awarded, for optogenetics and CLARITY
11/14 News and views: ideas on depression research
11/14 Optogenetics applications and recent developments
11/14 CLARITY applications and advances
10/14 Keio Prize awarded | Stanford press release | Keio press release
6/14 2014 Marshall Nirenberg Lecture, NIH [video]
4/14 Social behavior circuit
4/14 Next-generation CLARITY
4/14 SwiChR and iC1C2: HHMI
4/14 SwiChR and iC1C2: NIMH
4/14 SwiChR and iC1C2: Stanford
4/14 New York Times profile
4/14 MIT Technology Review: Brain Mapping
1/14 Dickson Prize in Science awarded
12/13 New tools unveiled at Society For Neuroscience conference.
8/13 BRAIN initiative and neuroethics.
6/13 Nature Profile.
6/13 Science Profile.
4/13 Nature video and Stanford video on CLARITY.
4/13 NYTimes on CLARITY.
4/13 NIH Director Francis Collins, NIMH Director Tom Insel, NIH.
4/13 Associated Press, Reuters, and NBC News Science on CLARITY.
4/13 Simons Foundation and HHMI on CLARITY.
4/13 Scientific American blog, SCOPE blog, and Storify on CLARITY.
3/13 CNC center and the Brain proposal.
3/13 Pasarow Prize for neuropsychiatry research.
3/13 Grete Lundbeck European Brain Research Prize for the development of optogenetics.
1/13 KD is awarded the Lounsbery Prize from the National Academy of Sciences, for optogenetics.
12/12 BBR & Stanford feature depression circuitry study.
11/12 Depression study featured by Brain & Behavior Research Foundation and Stanford News.
12/11 2011 HHMI Annual Report names anxiety study one of 'ten big stories' of 2011.
2011 Profile of KD in Stanford Medicine
08/11 Rob Ring, president of translational research for Autism Speaks, writes about research from the lab.
12/10 2010 Method of the Year: Optogenetics. Method of the Year Primer.
12/10 2010 Science: insight of the decade.
07/10 Article on optogenetics published in Forbes.
04/10 Optogenetics article from Brain & Behavior Research Foundation.
04/10 KD is awarded the international HFSP Nakasone Prize, for optogenetics (Citation)
01/10 Society for Neuroscience features optogenetics in Inside Science Forum, with KD and Feng Zhang.
01/10 Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) features KD and optogenetics.
10/09 KD is awarded the Young Investigator Award from the Society for Neuroscience (Citation)
10/09 KD gives SFN special lecture on optogenetics
10/09 Ilka is awarded the Human Frontier Science Program Fellowship
10/09 Tom is awarded the Walter V. and Idun Berry Fellowship
09/09 KQED special features KD and Optogenetics in Illuminating Depression. (Producer's notes)
09/09 KD's Scientist Abstract is added to the HHMI website.
03/09 Mice Get Hooked on Light. MIT Technology Review.
12/08 Viviana receives the Stanford Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellowship.
12/08 Murtaza receives the Stanford Graduate Fellowship.
12/08 Ramin receives the Stanford Dean's Fellowship Award.
12/08 Cell imaging: Light activated Nature Technology Feature.
11/08 Ilana receives the Helen Hay Whitney Fellowship.
10/08 Ilka receives a fellowship from the German Academic Research Exchange DAAD.
08/08 Inbal receives the Rothschild and Machiah Fellowships.
06/08 Lisa receives a Stanford Bio-X Graduate Student Fellowship.
04/08 Ofer receives fellowships from EMBO and the Human Frontiers in Science Program.
03/08 Kim receives a 2008 NARSAD Young Investigator Award.
03/08 KD receives the Larry C. Katz Memorial Prize Lecture at Duke University.
03/08 Feng receives the Larry C. Katz Memorial Lecture award at the 2008 Neural Circuits Meeting at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.
06/07 The Natronomonas pharaonis halorhodopsin manuscript is one of Nature's favorite papers in 2007.
08/07 "The Beam of Light That Flips a Switch That Turns on the Brain" in Science Times.
06/07 Feng receives the Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (NRSA).
03/07 Optogenetics is selected as one of the top 10 emerging technologies (TR10) by MIT's Technology Review. [ Details ]
02/07 Raag receives the Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (NRSA).
12/06 Optogenetics News Focus in the December 2006 issue of Science.
09/06 Liping receives the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine postdoctoral fellowship.
07/06 KD receives the 2006 Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers.
09/05 KD receives the NIH pioneer award.
08/05 KD is one of four recipients awarded a Technological Innovations in Neuroscience Award for 2005-2007 by the McKnight Endowment Fund for Neuroscience.
07/05K.D. receives award from the H. L. Snyder Medical Foundation to help develop high-speed optical control methods
05/05 KD receives a Coulter Early Career Translational Research Award.