Summary of Projects (Hopkins)

1. Medieval Latin Manuscript Transmission in a Digital Environment: The Elbing Convent Library and its Hypertexts
Investigators: Lucie Dolezalova (Charles University, Prague); Gabor Farkas Kiss (ELTE University of Budapest, Hungary); Rafel Wojcik (University Library, Poznan, Poland); Eyal Poleg (Edinburgh University, UK)

* Summary: An examination of multiple witnesses of texts that were widely popular in the Middle Ages and have been completely overlooked (and unpublished) in the modern age, focusing primarily on a set of texts that have witnesses in the Elbing collection of the Parker manuscripts.
* Project Start Date: April 2011
* Project End Date: March 2013

2. Machaut in the Book: Representations of Authorship in Late Medieval Manuscripts
Investigators: Deborah McGrady (University of Virginia); Benjamin Albritton (Stanford University)

* Summary: An examination of the perceived role of the author in the 14th century based on evidence outside of an author's control.
* Project Start Date: June 2011
* Project End Date: May 2013

3. A Multidimensional Data-Base for Vernacular Bible Production in the Middle Ages
Investigators: Jeanette Patterson (Johns Hopkins University); Xavier-Laurent Salvador (Universite de Paris XIII)

* Summary: "This project proposes an innovative protocol for dealing with the manuscripts of a genre of vernacular Bible translations known as the Bible historiale."
* Project Start Date: July 2011
* Project End Date: 2013.

4. Dynamic Modeling and Differential Imitation in 14th-century manuscripts: The Roman de la Rose and its Others
Investigators: Stephen Nichols (Johns Hopkins University); Max Grosse (Eberhard-Karl Universitat Tubingent, Germany)

* Summary: A comparative study of 8 German manuscripts of the Rose bundled with a build-out of the Roman de la Rose Digital Library to become "The Digital Library of Medieval Manuscripts."
* Project Start Date: June 2011
* Project End Date: Summer 2013