Johns Hopkins University Cluster

Summary (extracted from full project proposal)

"This grant seeks to accomplish four primary aims:

1. To constitute four collaborative research clusters that will demonstrate by means of innovative research projects how digital manuscript resources change the nature of and methodology for scholarship involving medieval codices. The results of these projects will be integrated into interoperable environments that will be available to the public through such repositories as the Johns Hopkins Digital Library of Medieval Manuscripts and Stanford University's Parker-on-the-Web.
2. To conceive and demonstrate how traditional scholarship in this field can be enlarged and extended by the new kinds of questions that the aggregated data mass of digitized resources obliges scholars to formulate.
3. To approach these questions from an interdisciplinary perspective within four different sub-disciplines of medieval studies in order to "seed" new approaches across a disciplinary span not traditionally associated with one another. In this case: Medieval Latin, vernacular literature, musicology, history of the book, and a range of sacred texts (particularly illuminated Latin and vernacular Bibles).
4. To involve research teams from North America, the U.K., and Europe to assure that the innovative research the project will develop can be introduced more or less simultaneously in the main centers of medieval studies in Middle Europe, Europe, the U.K., and North America. The research teams will consist, in large measure, of younger and mid-level scholars to assure that the methodology, theoretical and critical perspectives developed by the clusters will be implemented by a younger generation of scholars who will continue to practice, revise, renew, and teach the new methods and discoveries in the foreseeable future."

Summary of Projects