SharedCanvas: A Collaborative Model for Medieval Manuscript Layout Dissemination

TitleSharedCanvas: A Collaborative Model for Medieval Manuscript Layout Dissemination
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsSanderson R, Albritton B, Schwemmer R, Van de Sompel H
Conference NameJoint Conference on Digital Libraries (JCDL)
Date Published06/2011
Conference LocationToronto
Keywordsdata model

In this paper we present a model based on the principles of Linked
Data that can be used to describe the interrelationships of images,
texts and other resources to facilitate the interoperability of
repositories of medieval manuscripts or other culturally important
handwritten documents. The model is designed from a set of
requirements derived from the real world use cases of some of the
largest digitized medieval content holders, and instantiations of
the model are intended as the input to collection-independent page
turning and scholarly presentation interfaces. A canvas painting
paradigm, such as in PDF and SVG, was selected based on the
lack of a one to one correlation between image and page, and to
fulfill complex requirements such as when the full text of a page
is known, but only fragments of the physical object remain. The
model is implemented using technologies such as OAI-ORE
Aggregations and OAC Annotations, as the fundamental building
blocks of emerging Linked Digital Libraries. The model and
implementation are evaluated through prototypes of both content
providing and consuming applications. Although the system was
designed from requirements drawn from the medieval manuscript
domain, it is applicable to any layout-oriented presentation of
images of text.

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