University of Toronto Cluster


The goal of the projects in the University of Toronto’s Making Medieval English Manuscripts cluster is to utilize and to refine new digital technologies in order to advance knowledge about the pre- and early modern individuals, institutions, and communities that made and used medieval English books. The projects examine books copied or used in England from the earliest period of Anglo-Saxon manuscript production to the years immediately following the Reformation, when modern ideas about the Middle Ages first emerged. They trial innovative tools and interoperating environments for the annotation and transcription of digital manuscript materials. In each case, a collection of digitized manuscript or document images forms the ground of the project’s investigation; in each case, the research extends outwards, to take in materials from other archives and collections. The projects are multi-disciplinary, international, and collaborative and involve researchers at all career stages – graduate students, post-doctoral researchers, pre-tenure academics, and mid-career and senior scholars. The results of each project will be submitted to journals that represent all the fields of research involved: English literary studies, historical studies (social, political, economic, and art history), historical linguistics, and book history.

Summary of Projects

  1. Palaeographical Cruxes in Old English Manuscripts
  2. Manuscripts of AElfric's Catholic Homilies
  3. Networks of Book Makers, Owners, and Users in Late Medieval England
  4. Parker's Scribes
  5. The Writing of Petitions in Later Medieval England