Welcome to the Disability Staff Forum at Stanford University

Who are we?

DSF is the Disability Staff Forum. We are a diverse group of staff and faculty, with and without disabilities, advocating awareness of disability issues. DSF was established in November 1989 to encourage and involve people to:

  • Gain support
  • Gain access
  • Gain knowledge
  • Explore and develop opportunities for people with disabilities
  • Learn more about people with disabilities

Other Resources

DSF Co-Chair
Kimberly Thompson
723-0997 (Voice)

DSF Co-Chair
Cathy Haas
725-8532 (TTY)

What is DSF?

The Disability Staff Forum welcomes you. Our mission is to help improve and facilitate communication between Stanford community members with and without disabilities.


Access at Stanford

 Where does DSF meet?

DSF holds meetings campus wide throughout the year. DSF sponsors:

  • Educational workshops
  • Training
  • Speakers
  • Brown bag lunch meetings
  • Social events and activities

You are invited to come to our meetings and

  • Feel free to share your insights and experiences about common problems
  • Help promote social and educational opportunities for our
  • members
  • Help provide opportunities for the Stanford community to learn more about the diverse disability population at Stanford

ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)

ADA compliance questions from Stanford staff and faculty should be addressed to:

Rosa Gonzalez
ADA Compliance Officer
Office for Multicultural Development, MC 2100
723-0755 (Voice); 723-1216 (TTY)

ADA compliance questions or accommodations for Stanford students should be addressed to:

Disability Resource Center, MC 3094
123 Meyer Library
723-1066 (Voice)
723-1067 (TTY)

Questions or concerns about ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) from the public regarding the following should be addressed to the Office for Multicultural Development at 723-3484:

  • Interpreters
  • Accommodations
  • Accessibility

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