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Effective Altruism is a growing social movement combining compassion, reason and evidence to act in the way that brings about the greatest positive impact. While a substantial proportion of effective altruists are focused in the nonprofit sector, the philosophy of effective altruism applies much more broadly, e.g., to prioritizing the scientific projects, companies, and policy initiatives which will have the best chance to save lives or most improve the world.

Who We Are

We are a community of Stanford students, unified by a common desire to make the world a much better place. We like to challenge assumptions, be curious about surprising ideas, and celebrate change for the better. In Stanford EA, we hope you can find support and inspiration to become the best version of yourself.

What We Do

We hold regular reading and discussion groups, run career events and socials, support connections to other effective altruist groups like those of Harvard and Cambridge, and assist the academic or professional development of members.

We also often hold one-off events, like visiting the Open Philanthropy Project, doing 80,000 Hours-inspired exercises, or bringing in speakers like Julia Wise, Scott Anderson and Will MacAskill. If you have ideas for other events we ought to run, please let us know!