Mission Statement

At EAS, we strive to establish a forum for social and intellectual conversation concerning a range of important economic, political, and cultural European issues. At least at an undergraduate level, we have seen that most European groups tend to function autonomously and exclusively. So, we hope to provide a strong network among European students, faculty, alumni at Stanford as well as to establish partnerships with other leading universities.

We bring a range of speakers and events to campus on a regular basis, ranging from relatively casual special D’s or happy hours to inviting immigration lawyers to help you with your H1B, and arranging speaker events. Notable personalities that have visited us in the recent past from here and abroad include Philip Rössler, Susan Athey, Jeremy Gardner and Allison Berke. We aim to have at least three thoughtfully planned events a quarter. You will not be let down!

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Meet our Team

Ion Esfandiari

’18-19 President

Ion is from Paris, France, although his parents are both Greek. After attending a French-English bilingual school, Ion went to Stanford where he is currently a rising sophomore studying Symbolic Systems with a focus on Product Design. One of his dreams would be to see the European tech and entrepreneurial ecosystem develop in such a way that it could one day match that of Silicon Valley – and he hopes to take part however he can in this mission. Ion is interested in the interaction between psychology and user experience, and in his free time, loves cross-country running, cooking and following European football.

Zoe Chiara Najoua von Gerlach

’18-19 Vice President

Zoe was born in Germany, but grew up in Barcelona, Spain. She has lived in several countries in Europe and Asia, and moving around so frequently allowed her to see the value of culture and its impact on individual identity. She is studying Computer Science, and in her free time enjoys playing sports with friends or going hiking. She has always had a passion for politics, and hopes to show more people at Stanford what European history, culture and identity is all about!

Alejandra Mazo Gonzalez-Choren

’18-19 Financial Officer

Ale is originally from Madrid, Spain. She is currently a junior studying Management Science and Engineering and minoring in Economics. She is very interested in understanding the financial and cultural consequences of the current European political climate; and potentially considering a career in politics. Her two favourite things are paella and Real Madrid victories.

Sebastianos Hapte-Selassie

’18-19 Growth Manager

Sebastianos (Seb) was born in Frankfurt, Germany to Ethiopian parents. He grew up in Germany until moving to Ethiopia at the age of 16 were he finished his High School diploma in Addis Ababa. After finishing up High School he went to Stanford. He originally intended to pursue a degree in International Relations, but ended up majoring in Computer Science with a focus on Human-Computer Interaction Design. Seb loves finding and discussing cross-cultural connections between countries and continents and he likes calling himself an “US-Ethio-German”. His favorite city is Berlin, ask him about Berlin culture, tech-scene or lifestyle to get a conversation going.

Aaryaman Vaidya

’18-19 Social chair

Born in Mumbai, Ary moved to London when he was only a year old and quickly grew into a quintessential British boy. Ary played football, tennis and cricket across Europe throughout his schoolboy days and this gave him a unique pathway to experiencing European culture. Ary is a sophomore aspiring to major in Management Science & Engineering with a minor in Political Science. His two favourite things are good tea and good conversation.

Marco Giuseppe Zocco

’18-19 Leader of European Soccer Club initiative

Marco was born and raised in Geneva, Switzerland, but grew up in an Italian-American household. Before Stanford, he attended the International School of Geneva K through 12, the world’s first and oldest international school and (perhaps regrettably) home of the IB curriculum. Currently a sophomore, he is gravitating towards an MS&E degree with a minor in music, although his further long-term goals include becoming a touring rockstar, master barista, poet, mystic traveller and a key player in Europe’s entrepreneurial landscape. He also enjoys épée fencing, thrash metal music, Juventus FC, and edgy humour, and is at his happiest whilst in the company of great friends and family.

Advisors and past officers (2015-present)

Pieter Constant Stas


Luigi Balbo Bertone di Sambuy

Advisor & ’17-18 vice-president

Jan Sokol

Advisor & ’17-18 president, ’16-17 financial officer

Frederick William Lawrence Robson

’17-18 financial officer

Stelio Ropokis

’17-18 growth manager