Mission Statement

At EAS, we strive to establish a forum for social and intellectual conversation concerning a range of important economic, political, and cultural European issues. At least at an undergraduate level, we have seen that most European groups tend to function autonomously and exclusively. So, we hope to provide a strong network among European students, faculty, alumni at Stanford as well as to establish partnerships with other leading universities.

We bring a range of speakers and events to campus on a regular basis, ranging from relatively casual special D’s or happy hours to inviting immigration lawyers to help you with your H1B, and arranging speaker events. Notable personalities that have visited us in the recent past from here and abroad include Philip Rössler, Susan Athey, Jeremy Gardner and Allison Berke. We aim to have at least three thoughtfully planned events a quarter. You will not be let down!

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Meet our Team

Jan Sokol


Jan was born in Duesseldorf, Germany to Czech parents and also spent some time living in Beijing and the UK. Moving around the place so often has enabled him to not only bond with people from various cultures; but it has also made him realise the beauty of home - a feeling he never wants to lose! He is majoring in biomechanical engineering and loves to fish and scuba dive. In addition, even though he doesn't think that he is talented at it, his hectic upbringing has allowed him to learn a few languages too.

Luigi Balbo Bertone di Sambuy

Vice President

Luigi Balbo Bertone di Sambuy is a Symbolic Systems student coming from Turin, Italy. Until 16, he was raised in his hometown before spending two years in Hawaii to finish his high school career. His experiences abroad truly made him understand the relevance of his background and the love for his country. His vision is a united Europe that can be a new cultural and economic capital of the world. Currently a senior, Luigi is fascinated by both worlds of computer science and the literature of philosophy. In his free time, he loves to make elctronic music, practice digital design and play golf.

Frederick Robson

Financial Officer

Fred was born and raised in London, UK. At Stanford he is currently a senior studying Economics and Symbolic Systems; in his free time he plays tennis. He hopes that, in spite of Brexit, he still counts as a European and he once ordered 600 bags of PG Tips because you just can't get a good cup of English Breakfast tea in America.

Stelio Ropokis

Growth Manager

Stelio is a senior studying Symbolic Systems. He is originally from Greece, but has grown up in a number of places—including Préveza (Greece), Huntington Beach (California), and Las Vegas (Nevada). Growing up in both the United States and Europe has provided him a very good understanding of the cultural differences between them. He is very interested in social neuroscience and philosophy of neuroscience; he loves to discuss consciousness, representation, and the brain in general. In his free time, Stelio loves to play tennis or go out to try different foods and restaurants.