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Environmental Engineering and Science

The Environmental Engineering and Science Program in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering covers a broad spectrum of technical specialities including environmental engineering and science, hazardous substance control, and environmental planning. Course offerings are scheduled to permit either intensive study in a single area or interrelated study between areas. Seminars provide broad coverage of environmental and water problems.

The department welcomes applicants with backgrounds in all areas of engineering and science who are interested in applying their specialized abilities to the solution of environmental and water problems. Comprehensive introductory courses in each major area of study are given to provide a common basis of understanding among those with dissimilar backgrounds. Programs of study are highly flexible to allow for diversity and to encourage the development of either intensive or broadened abilities.

Within the Environmental Engineering and Science Program the major focus is on water quality and hazardous substance control, but air and land pollution, as well as broader aspects of environmental concern are also covered. Thus, the physico-chemical, biological, and engineering aspects of water quality and water pollution control, including groundwater remediation and hazardous chemical treatment, can be studied in depth. There are also opportunities for specialization in atmospheric chemistry, physics, and pollutant transport. Related programs afford a broad range of offerings in the earth sciences, fluid mechanics, energy systems, and environmental and water resources planning and impact assessment.