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Language and Orientation Tutoring Program

Sponsored by the Vice Provost for Graduate Education

Sign up Wednesday, August 12 at 9:00AM

Note: This free tutoring service is not part of the EFS Program and is only available for regular Stanford graduate students. Summer visitors, postdocs, undergraduates, and visiting scholars are not eligible. Please see the announcement from the LOT coordinator below.

LOT offers both one-on-one tutoring and conversation group tutoring. A description of the two kinds of tutoring can be found below.

As a participant in one-on-one tutoring, you will be assigned a highly qualified tutor to meet with for one hour per week for the duration of Autumn Quarter at no cost to yourself. You may use this hour to practice your conversation skills, work on writing abstracts or grant proposals with your tutor's assistance, ask questions about American university culture, etc.

As a participant in a LOT conversation group, you will be assigned to a group consisting of three tutees and one highly qualified tutor for one hour per week for the duration of Autumn Quarter at no cost to yourself. Groups will meet for the first 9 weeks of the quarter and in the final week participants will have the option of attending an end-of-quarter mixer for all conversation group participants and tutors. The conversation groups focus primarily on building oral communication skills.

We know that graduate student life can be hectic, so please only sign up for the program if your schedule will allow you to take full advantage your meetings. Since Spring Quarter lasts for only 10 weeks (September 21-December 4), we ask that you not sign up if you anticipate missing more than 1 week due to travel.


Below are the links for the signup forms, but please note that if you go to the sign-up forms before they are officially open, you will receive an error message.


One-on-one tutoring:  http://tinyurl.com/os3gqfh

Conversation group tutoring: http://tinyurl.com/oqwcah8


The sign-up forms will go live at Wednesday, August 12 at 9:00AM and will remain open until we reach a full cohort of 100 students with a wait-list of 15 students (for one-on-one tutoring) and 10 students with a wait-list of 9 students (for conversation group tutoring). In the interest of fairness, participation will be first-come, first-served with priority given to new participants and to returning participants who have demonstrated a high level of commitment during previous quarters. Special priority will be given to conversation group students not assigned to a one-on-one tutor, but we encourage you to sign up for both.


Please note, again, that if you click on the link before Wednesday morning, you will reach an error message telling you that the form is turned off.

For further information or to be placed on the email list for future announcements, contact the LOT Program Coordinator, Anne Burke.

Updated August 4, 2015, by Phil Hubbard