Emma Goldman Society For Queer Liberation

...because the most violent element in society is ignorance

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About Us

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Emma Goldman Society for Queer Liberation is a group of queer & allied activists and organizers on Stanford University's campus dedicated to justice and liberation for queers across the nation.

We believe in creating an inclusive community of activists committed to direct action and civil disobedience to achieve our social justice aspirations. We also emphasize the struggles of historically marginalized facets of the queer community including transgender individuals, bisexuals, and queers of color.

We affirm and celebrate our queer & allied identities and choose to use the tremendous pain and oppression shoved upon the queer community to mobilize a movement of educated and equipped young leaders in revolutionary queer activism.





*** Please note that the Emma Goldman Society is a student group established by a group of individuals and does not presume in any way to represent the entire queer community at Stanford. The purpose of this group, at its core, is to spark activism on the Stanford campus and we encourage anyone with an idea to take steps to carry out their own activism, whether or not they are a part of this specific group.  


If you would like to be involved in queer activism and want to join the Emma Goldman Society, we would love to have you!  

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