Emma Goldman Society For Queer Liberation

...because the most violent element in society is ignorance

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Emma notes 10/27

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Opening words—Ben (words from gawker.com)



  • Jeff—AIDS, Love, (and the Secret Life of College Students)
    • Scott Fried will present
    • Friday October 30th, 8:30 PM, after Shabbat Services and dinner
    • 2nd floor of Koret Pavilion



  • Phonebanking
    • Sunday 12-5
    • In the LGBT Center/ Women’s Community Center
    • Recruit like crazy!  The election is coming up and we really need this win—it will be the first time that same-sex marriage will win by popular vote
    • Training will be on the hour, debriefs on the half hour


  • Hip Hop and Riot-Folk
    • Tomorrow (Wednesday)! 
    • 8:00 PM at Synergy
    • Performance by Steel Strings and Break Beats—will be performing social justice music


  • Travel for Change
    • Free plane tickets to go to Maine this weekend and free hotel room
    • Go for the weekend of October 30th through the election – help out Travel for Change


  • Arrange a rally for November 4th
    • 1 year anniversary of Prop 8
    • Outcome of Maine election—either a protest or a celebration
    • 6:45 or 7—gather at Old Union
    • Spoken Word may perform


  • Blood restrictions
    • Even if you are in the hospital and it’s an emergency, you can’t get a blood transfusion from a man who has had sex with a man or from a woman who has had sex with a man who has had sex with a man
    • We will come back to this issue after the election on November 4th