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Home Emma Blog Supreme Court Upholds Prop 8; Stanford Community Responds With Civil Disobedience

Supreme Court Upholds Prop 8; Stanford Community Responds With Civil Disobedience

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Today at 10 AM the Supreme Court of California announced that they would uphold Proposition 8 and prohibit gay marriage in California. The Supreme Court upheld the 18,000 same-sex marriages that have already been performed in the state; however, this decision, while expected, was a major disappointment for the queer and allied community.

Although it would have been easy (and understandable) for those who were disheartened by this decision to be demoralized, the community at Stanford showed that we are not giving up the fight! Over 200 people attended a protest which started in White Plaza, then marched to the intersection of Campus Drive and Palm Drive and blocked the busiest intersection on campus. The police were very respectful and directed traffic around the sit-in. According to David Mitchell, who helped plan the protest, "For the first time, I felt like [the police] were here to enable student voice rather than protect status quo."

Later, members of the Palo Alto community and members of the Stanford community came together on the corners of Embarcadero and Camino Real to demonstrate our support for the queer community by holding signs and waving Pride flags for all passersby to see. This group then marched down University Avenue, the central street in Palo Alto, singing inspirational songs.

Finally, at night there was an interfaith candlelight vigil on-campus. It was a beautiful and contemplative occasion, which allowed us to meditate on the events of the day and get inspired for the fight to come.

Stanford has shown me today that there is no way we are the "Campus of Social Rest"--we are ready to fight for equal rights!