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Emma meeting notes 10/13

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Opening words—Laura

NEM Stories

Sarah—Four hours of speeches, was exhausting but every speech was intelligent and empowering.  The speeches addressed the youth and challenged the audience.

Bethany—The beginning of the march at 15th and 9th; youth led the march.  Richard, another person working on the youth event, led the cheers.  There was a rainbow in the sky while they were marching.

Rebecca—The trip home.  First time being “out” in public; when a man made a disparaging remark she yelled at him

Kenzie—Standing on capital hill was life-changing.  Also, a random person had heard about NMB because her aunt joined it—NMB is really spreading!

Laura—She was backstage with the organizers and they looked down Pennsylvania Avenue and there were people as far as the eye could see.  She thanked Cleve Jones for organizing, and gave him a ring, and it fit perfectly.  Cleve Jones later said that because of that moment, he “knows that the torch has been passed (to the youth)”.

Criticism of the Obama speech—same old rhetoric, no timetables, didn’t use the word “marriage”.  When Obama said, “You are our neighbors, our spouses, etc” he left out any words that could refer to youth. 


Phone-banking – Ben

  • First phone-banking this Saturday from 11-3 in the LGBT center
  • Every Saturday for the next 3 Saturdays until the election from 11-3
  • Bring your cell phone (and charger) and your laptop
  • Chris Riley from Equality California will help us out


  • Equality California is going to Maine to work against Prop 1
  • We need to win—first time winning by popular vote
  • The wording of Prop 1 is really confusing so that is why phone-banking is really important; even people who are pro-gay rights might read the proposition and not know which way to vote


  • Documentary about a girl who drove her vandalized VW Bug across the country
  • Ali—will screen the movie after Terra Happy Hour in the Game Room so we can decide how to proceed with bringing the movie to campus for a larger audience

Trans Awareness Vigil

  • November 20th
  • Candlelight vigil with a possible drum circle afterwards

Community Organizing

  • November 7th and 8th
  • Camp Wellstone
  • Sign-ups through Emma list


  • Kyle, a freshman, wants to start an awareness newsletter about homophobia
  • There has been a lot of homophobia in the freshman class this year, possibly because of the all-frosh setting


Laura—Laura was misquoted in a USA Today article; Laura used the word “queer” a lot and did not use “gay” or “lesbian” and the USA Today article used the words “gay” and “lesbian” exclusively

  • Obama’s speech was trans-inclusive but reports did not cover this
  • Media is not very inclusive
  • “Queer” encompasses everything in the LGBT community, plus we need to reclaim derogatory words and use them how we want
  • To them it’s just words, but it does leave out part of our community
  • On the other hand, we sometimes only have a very short amount of time to convince people to support our cause, and getting into all the distinctions of the LGBT community can make that more difficult
  • Laura plans to call the reporter and ask her what happened


Closing Words—Chris


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