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Marriage Boycott
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Now is the moment in American history when same-sex couples have the opportunity to achieve equal rights under the law. However, in order for a minority group to achieve equal rights, progressive members of the majority must stand in solidarity with them.

President Obama has advocated for the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which prohibits the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriages - and yet this discriminatory law still stands. Under this act, same-sex couples are denied more than a thousand rights, including the right to visit a dying partner in the hospital. To demonstrate our desire for an immediate repeal of DOMA, we choose not to participate in marriage until everyone can marry.

Stepping into the shoes of past conscientious objectors, boycotters and civil rights activists, we deliberately forego this privilege until it is truly a right for all. We the undersigned vow to boycott marriage until the United States government repeals DOMA.

We won't, until we all can.

The Undersigned
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61 Iva Petrovchich
62 Tommy Edwards
63 Tina Mayers
64 Emily Chen
65 Chris Barile
66 Monica Alcazar
67 Charles Hoover
68 Catherine Bonn
69 Shivaram Lingamneni
70 Katrina Hayes
71 Ang Hayes
72 Lauren Shaw
73 Katie Frank
74 Faren Clum
75 Michael Delgado
76 Alessandra Moss
77 Susanna Sheehan
78 Jazmin Holmes
79 Erica Neville
80 Elaine Albertson
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