The Stanford EPIC Project

Efficiency & Proportionality In the Cloud

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The EPIC Project

The Energy Efficient Data Center Projects aims at unveiling techniques that will allow energy efficiency at the large scale without having a negative impact on the system's performance.


When computing power reached billions of users via affordable Internet-enabled handhelds, information became ubiquitous and at the same time distributed and easily compromised. The solution to this came through centralized datacenters (DC), which in their effort to reconcile performance and power constraints became the most challenging systems to design. This project has the goal to develop energy efficient DCs that will not compromise the system's performance or quality of service. In order to do that a number of areas should be examined. Some of those are:

Workload Acquisition and Characterization

Scalable Power Management Techniques

Storage System Design

Scalable Interconnection Network Solutions

Reconfigurable Hardware


As the project progresses we hope to delve into each of those areas as well as investigate the correlation between them and report back useful results for the computer architecture community.

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