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Welcome to Stanford Eskrima!

About Us:

We are a student group at Stanford University dedicated to the study of the Filipino martial art of Eskrima. Eskrima focuses on practical self-defense from a unique weapons-oriented perspective. Unlike most martial arts, Eskrima teaches students empty hand and weapon techniques concurrently. Here at Stanford, we study the Inayan System of Eskrima under the instruction of Suro Jason Inay. For more information, please see the links section!



We have twice weekly practices on campus. Beginners are very welcome to join during any point in the quarter. Sticks are provided for beginners and can be purchased through the club.

Winter Quarter 2011-12 Practice Schedule
When: Mondays and Wednesdays 4:30 - 6pm
Where: A3C Ballroom (a.k.a Old Union Clubhouse Ballroom)
Enter through the double doors facing the Old Union fountain, head up the 1st flight of stairs, and turn right.

On especially sunny days you may find us outdoors at White Plaza or the Old Union Courtyard.

Participants are encouraged to wear comfortable workout clothes.


Club Dues:

The club fee is $60 per quarter per person. Checks should be made out to "Stanford Eskrima."



Questions? Want to be added to the club mailing list?
Contact Lili at lilihsu@stanford.edu