Random Narratives

As part of the Fearon/Laitin research project on “Ethnicity, Insurgency and Civil War”, David Laitin has drafted country narratives for twenty-five randomly chosen countries, stratified by region and whether at least one civil war occurred in the country. The narratives assess the fit of the statistical model case by case, and inquire into whether the proposed mechanisms are in fact at work.

A justification and description of the project and draft "random narratives" can be found below. Comments from country specialists on these narratives would be especially welcome, and should be sent to David Laitin (dlaitin@stanford.edu).

The Random Method for Narrative

Random Narratives of Twenty-Five Countries

· Algeria

· Armenia

· Azerbaijan

· Bahrain

· Botswana

· Burkina Faso

· Burma

· Cameroon

· Chad

· Dominican Republic

· Georgia

· Haiti

· Iraq

· Jamaica

· Japan

· The Two Koreas

· Lithuania

· Mozambique

· Nigeria

· Panama

· Portugal

· Sudan

· Thailand