Environmental Biotechnology - CEE271B


Winter quarter, 4 units
Prerequisites: 270, 177 or 274A, or equivalents


Waste characterization: BOD & COD.
What microorganisms do
Half reactions
The Big Picture of wastewater treatment
Electron and oxygen equivalents
Stoichiometry and thermodynamics of microbial growth
Kinetics of microbial growth and substrate degradation
Soluble and particulate substrates and products

Dispersed Cells:

Reactors with and without cell recycle, batch, CSTR, plug flow
Activated sludge
Coupled nitrification and BOD removal
Methane fermentation: anaerobic ecology and thermodynamics, digester design and operation
Coupled nitrification and denitrification
Enhanced biological phosphorus removal
Transformation of hazardous chemicals
Sequencing batch reactors

Immobilized and attached cells (fixed films):

Analysis of biofilms
Biofilm reactors, CSTR, plug flow
Trickling filters and rotating biological contactors
High rate bioreactors: fluidized bed reactors and upflow anaerobic sludge blanket reactors