Undergraduate courses


Aquatic Chemistry and Biology - CEE 177
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Aquatic Chemistry. Fall quarter, 4 units

Substances dissolved in water
Mass balances in water
Thermodynamics and equilibrium, mass laws
Graphical solutions to speciation problems
Alkalinity, acidity, the carbonate system
Complexation and solubility of metal ions
Electrochemistry and redox reactions
Organic chemistry review
Fate of organics in the environment

Aquatic Microbiology

Kinds of cells, molecules of life
Thermodynamics of life, biochemical pathways, stoichiometry COD, BOD, and yield
Kinetics of microbial growth
Biological wastewater treatment
The carbon and nitrogen cycles
Wastewater treatment applications
DNA: structure and replication, DNA probes
Transcription and translation, reporter genes
Aquatic chemistry + Aquatic microbiology
Remediation of hazardous chemicals

Process Design for Environmental Biotechnology - CEE 179B.
This course alternates with 169 (Environmental & Water Studies Design).

Spring Quarter 2004-05, alternate years, 3 units

Preference is given to juniors and seniors in Civil or Environmental Engineering.
Course includes the design of a water or wastewater treatment system using biological processes to remove contaminants. Student teams characterize contaminants in water or wastewater, design and operate bench-scale units, then develop a full-scale design. Limited enrollment. Prerequisites: 177, 179A.