Alison Ge

A junior (class of 2014!) majoring in Economics and International Relations, I first heard about figure skating from the 2002 Olympics. In middle school and the beginning of high school, figure skating dominated my life, and I was obsessively competing, training at ridiculous hours, and doing shows. By the time I reached the senior level, other priorities took over, and I was competing nonchalantly, spending more time teaching than practicing. To this day, however, I adore Biellemann spins and flips and enjoy the rush of cold air from a solid lap around the rink.

I'd love to share my passion for skating with anyone who's interested. Whether you want to work on choreography, double axels, or are simply taking your first steps on the ice, this is the perfect club to join!

Julianna Lamb

Class of 2015, Computer Science
Favorite Move: Any spiral and double loop
Competitor at 2011 Collegiate National Championships (Junior Level), Former cast member of Sun Valley on Ice
Began skating at 6 and just never stopped!

Join the club to get to know other skaters, find people to go skate with and be part of Stanford's skating community!

Casatrina Lee

I'm Casatrina, from Singapore, currently a sophomore and hoping to double major in Economics and Computer Science. I fell into skating quite by accident - when a friend invited me for her birthday party at the rink. I started skating when I was 12, and I much prefer jumps to spins :P

Do join the club for some fun, stress relief and the chance to meet other skaters! It *definitely* doesn't matter if you've never skated before too :)

Kara Matsumoto

I am an undeclared freshman, class of 2016. I started skating at the age of five, when my grandmother first took me ice skating. I soon fell in love with the sport, but I never skated at a competitive level. I skated because it was, and still is, one of my favorite things to do! Before coming to Stanford, I passed through my novice moves and my intermediate free. My favorite skating move is the double salchow, and I love the feeling of nailing this jump.

Everyone should join this club to meet other skaters and because figure skating is the best!

Catherine Tran

I'm a senior, class of 2013, majoring in biomechanical engineering. My favorite skating move is the layback, but in reality, I love all spins!! I competed at the intermediate and novice level before coming to college. My mom got me into skating shortly after the 1998 Winter Olympics. Tara Lipinski is from my hometown - Sugar Land, Texas, so when she brought back the gold medal it was a big deal. Everyone and their mom wanted to learn how to ice skate.

People should join the Stanford Figure Skating Club because it's a great way to meet other skaters and skating fans and bond over the best winter sport out there, DUH. It's also a great way to get out to the ice rink more often. :))))
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