Research: Layered Chalcogenides

  RTe3 CeTe3
The rare earth (R) tri-tellurides RTe3 are model incommensurate charge density wave compounds, and provide us with a unique opportunity to study the electronic structure of a material deep in such a state. The CDW gap is large, up to ~ 400 meV, so we are able to study the coexistence between gapped and metallic parts of the Fermi surface via several powerful and complimentary techniques. The crystal structure of RTe3 consists of double layers of square-planar Te sheets sandwiched between RTe blocks (shown above). The RTe blocks do not contribute to the Fermi surface, but the Te sheets have partially filled electronic bands formed from Te px and py orbitals. Large regions of this simple quasi-2D Fermi surface are nested by a single wave-vector, incommensurate with the underlying lattice. However, the nesting does not gap the entire Fermi surface, and small remaining sections give rise to a metallic conductivity.
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