AP 270: Magnetism and Long Range Order in Solids

Text books

Recommended course text book
Magnetism in Condensed Matter, S. Blundell (Oxford, 2001).
An excellent and affordable book. Available at Stanford Bookstore (~$40).

Other recommended books
Theory of magnetism, K. Yosida (Springer, 1998).
Quantum theory of magnetism, R. M. White (Springer, 1983)
Magnetism and superconductivity (L. P. Levy, Springer, 2000)

Other closely related books
Long Range Order in Solids, R. M. White & T. H. Geballe (Academic Press, 1979).
Modern magnetic materials, R. C. O’Handley (Wiley, 2000).
Introduction to magnetic materials, B. D. Cullity (Addison Wesley, 1972).

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