Ph43: Electricity and Magnetism

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Electrostatics, Coulomb's law, electric fields and fluxes, electric potential, properties of conductors, Gauss's law, capacitors and resistors, DC circuits; magnetic forces and fields, Biot-Savart law, Faraday's law, Ampere's law, inductors, transformers, AC circuits, motors and generators, electric power, Galilean transformation of electric and magnetic fields, Maxwell's equations; limited coverage of electromagnetic fields and special relativity.

Units: 4
Grading Basis: Letter or Credit/No Credit
Class times: MWF, 9-10 & 10-11 (Spring 2013)
Location: Hewlett 200

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Fisher Research Group
Geballe Laboratory for Advanced Materials
Dept. of Applied Physics
Stanford University
CA 94305-4045
Last Updated: 25th March 2013