The Free/Libre/Open Source Software Survey for 2003

The survey was announced on these websites, and in the following languages:
English, Dutch, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Portugese, and Chinese

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Tabulation of answers to each question -- Click "Results" to see the answers collected for each question.

1. When did you first start participating in open source/free software development? Results

2. Before you started participating in OS/FS development, how often did you use OS/FS? Results

3. How long were you using open source/free software before you started participating in OS/FS development? Results

4. How important were the following factors when you first started developing open source/free software? Results

5. How much do you agree or disagree with the following statements about open source, free, or proprietary software? Results

6. Do you identify more with the Free Software community or with the Open Source community? Results

7. What are the roles of an open source/free software license? Results

8. What license restrictions apply to the following tools that you use to program OS/FS? Results

9. How many OS/FS projects have you contributed to? Results

10. Please name the project to which you currently (or most recently) contributed, and the first project to which you ever contributed: Results

11. Approximately when did your involvement with each project start and end? Results

12. Why did you choose to participate in each project? Results

13. Approximately what is the average number of hours per week you contributed to each project? Results

14. What was the greatest number of hours you can recall having worked in a single day on each project? Results

15. For approximately how many days did you work with that intensity on each project? Results

16. What roles did you play in each project? Results

17. What percentage of the code you've submitted to each project has been included in the project's release version? Results

18. How long has it usually taken for code you submitted to be included in each project's release version (if your code is indeed included)? Results

19. How well known to the OS/FS community at large were these two projects? Results

20. With regard to your current/most recent project... Results

21. How important was your contribution to the code written for your current/most recent project? Results

22. Did you launch your current/most recent project? Results

23. How much of the time spent working on your current/most recent project did you contribute to each of the following activities? Results

24. Are you the "project maintainer" for your current/most recent project? Results

25. How many times have you occupied the role of "project maintainer"? Results

26. What do you think a good project maintainer should do? Results

27. What do you think a project maintainer should expect other contributors to do? Results

28. Which of the following is the most appropriate description of your present occupational status? Results

29. Which of the following statements are true for you? Results

30. Have you been employed by an organization producing proprietary software? Results

31. Among the OS/FS projects in which you have been involved, how many received some support from a business corporation (or consortium), private or public foundation, or other sources of funding? Results

32. Who supported any of the OF/FS projects in which you have been involved during the past 5 years? Results

33. Do you earn money from OS/FS, either directly or indirectly? Results

34. Have you earned any income from business firms in the following industries? Results

35. What roles have you had in private firms? Results

36. What roles in a business enterprise based on open source/free software can you see yourself having in the future? Results

37. When do you work on open source/free software projects? Results

38. What is your sex? Results

39. Do you have children? Results

40. What is your marital status/domestic situation? Results

41. In which language(s) are you fluent enough to interact with other OS/FS developers? Results

42. In what country were you born? Results

43. What country are you living in now? Results

44. Have you worked in another country during the past year? Results

45. What is your highest formal education level? Results