The Free/Libre/Open Source Software Survey for 2003

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27. What do you think a project maintainer should expect other contributors to do? (check all that apply)

To use the software and request features 1075 72.68% (out of 1479 responses)
To test the software and to submit bug reports or patches 1373 92.83%
To program new enhancements 1138 76.94%
To help fellow participants and less experienced users 1115 75.39%
To acknowledge the contributions of those who have taken responsibility for carrying the project forward 855 57.81%
1479 total non-blank responses*

* It is possible that someone might intentionally leave all answers to this question unchecked. So, I will use the total number of people who gave a non-blank response to question 26 as a proxy for the number who answered this question.